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🔘Like ‘The Hindu Vocabulary’ The Hindu Phrasal verbs are also being asked in various SSC, BANK exams.This compilation containing list of phrasal verbs picked up from ‘The Hindu’ newspaper,has been prepared by experts keeping in mind the demand and           changing  pattern of the  SSC and Bank exams.We have provided you with relatable and awesome examples so that it gets absorbed in your mind as soon as you read it. 

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1) Auction off

Meaning – to sell something at an auction.

Example-  Shahrukh auctioned off his autographed t-shirt to collect some money for charity purposes. 

2) Bag out 

Meaning – to criticise someone

Example- Sona Mohapatra made that statement to bag Anu Malik out.  


3) Barge in

Meaning – to intrude; to enter or interrupt suddenly and without invitation.

Example- A girl  barged in the stadium to get Virat Kohli’s autograph. 

4) Bash up

Meaning – to assault someone with the intention of causing physical injury.

Example- Today a hero does not need to bash up ten people to prove that he is a hero.  – Vidya Balan 

5) Blurt out 

Meaning – to say suddenly, without thinking

Example- Shivani blurted out the news without considering the consequences. 

6) Bail out 

Meaning – to rescue, especially financially.

Example- once again, the bank got itself in trouble and government had to bail it out.

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7) Bawl out

Meaning – to deliver a loud, hard scolding or lecture; to reprimand.

Example- The director bawled the supporting actors out.  

8) Bow out 

Meaning – to resign, or leave, with one’s credibility still intact.

Example- Zaira wasim bowed out the bollywood industry for her personal religious beliefs. 

9) Boot up

Meaning – to start, using it’s bootstrap procedure.

Example- It takes a couple of minutes for the computer to boot up.

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10) Bring off

Meaning – to succeed in doing something considered to be very difficult.

Example – It was difficult but team spirit brought it off, Rohit Sharma. 

11) Buck off

Meaning – to cause to fall off.

Example- The horse tried to buck Rohit off,  but he held on tight. 

12) Buckle down 

Meaning – to put forth the needed effort; to focus; become serious; apply oneself (e.g. to work or study).

Example- If You buckle down and work hard, you will surely crack the exam.  

13) Bugger up

Meaning – to break or spoil something, or make it inoperative, useless etc.

Example- I have buggered up the sudoku and now I can’t finish it. 

14) Bump into 

Meaning – to collide with

Example- Shivani bumped into the wall. I guess that is a risk you take when you use smartphone while walking. 


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15) Bust out 

Meaning – to escape (from)

Example- The prisoners busted out of the prison. 

16) Bustle with 

Meaning – To teem with; abound with; to exhibit an energetic and active abundance of a thing; (of a place) to be full of a certain activity or active beings.

Example- Each day, the small street of the beautiful hill station bustles with tourists. 

17) Buy into 

Meaning – believe, accept a craze or fad for valid.

Example- I don’t buy into all this propaganda. 

18) Buy up

Meaning – to buy the whole of, the totality of something.

Example- The marshland was bought up by a housing company. 

19) Carve up 

Meaning – to divide or dismember, separate into parts

Example- The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after world war 1.

20) Chalk up 

Meaning – to attribute, credit, or blame.

Example-  chalk up her(Kareena)  weird behaviour to simple nervousness, says Priyanka Chopra.

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21) Chase off 

Meaning – to make someone or something go away

Muniba Mazari chased  all the adversities off and made it  big.  

22) Chuck away 

Meaning – to discard, or throw away

Example- He  chucked his old watch away. 

23) Chum up

Meaning – to make friends with someone.

Example- Being an outsider she chummed up with a few bollywood directors to get some project. 

24) Clamp down on 

Meaning – to take measures to stop something; to put an end to.

Example- The government should aim to clamp down on smoking. 

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25) Clutter up

Meaning – to fill with rubbish

Example- why do you clutter up your mind with such useless knowledge?

26) Conk out 

Meaning – to fall fast asleep; to sleep soundly

Example-  I was so tired I came home and conked out at 7 ‘o’ clock. 

27) Cotton to 

Meaning – to like; approve of, accept, or, tolerate

Example- They didn’t cotton to my attempts of entering the disco without pass,said Tara Sutaria. 

28) Crank out 

Meaning – to produce in large volumes mechanically or as if by machine.

Example- The teenager spent hours cranking out volumes of bad poetry. 

29) Deck out 

Meaning – to decorate (something).

Example- Shivangi was decked out in finest clothes for the party. 

30) Drown out 

Meaning – to cover, obscure, or hide by being louder than.

Example- I use the music to drown out other noises around him. 

31) Dwell on 

Meaning – to continue to think or talk about (something or someone).

Example- We should not dwell on our pasts. 

32) Eat away 

Meaning – gradually to erode or corrode.

Example- The battery acid ate away at the metal unit,  a large hole appeared. 

33) Eke out 

Meaning – to supplement

Example- The old woman eked out his pension by selling vegetables from her garden. 

34) Fiddle away 

Meaning – to waste (time)

Example- There’s nothing I like more than fiddling away Saturday night  making tik tok videos. 

35) Flick through 

Meaning – to browse rapidly.

Example- I was flicking through the newspaper when I glimpsed a funny headline about Rakhi Sawant. 

36) Fork out 

Meaning – to pay out, to hand over

Example- The hard drive broke down, so I forked out four hundred bucks for a new one.

37) Geek out 

Meaning – to enthuse about a narrow topic, not realizing that most people listening will fail to understand it.

Example- Sorry, I didn’t mean to spend fifteen minutes discussing the definition of ‘assassination ‘. I guess I geeked out for a bit. 

38) Get off on

Meaning – to be excited or aroused by; to derive pleasure from.

Example- I don’t get off on champagne. 

39) Get on

Meaning – to board or mount (something), especially a vehicle

Example- Please get on the bus as quickly as possible

40) Goof off 

Meaning – to dawdle; to engage in idle activity or inactivity.

Example- Mohit sat there goofing off all day instead of working. 

41)Hinge on 

Meaning – to depend on, depend upon, be contingent upon

Example- The success of a match hinges upon the dedication of the team involve in it, says Virat Kohli. 

42) Hush up

Meaning – to keep secret, to prevent from becoming known.

Example- They hushed up that it was a suicide to prevent bad publicity. 

43) Knock around 

Meaning – to spend time with someone as a friend

Example- Sonam used to knock around with Ranbir  when they were younger. 

44) Knuckle down 

Meaning – to get to work; to focus on a task.

Example- You should knuckle down and do your homework!

45) Lap up

Meaning – to consume by lapping

Example- The cat is lapping up the milk in its bowl. 

46) Lash out 

Meaning – to make a fierce verbal attack

Example- Sona Mohapatra lashed out at Anu Malik . 

47) Latch onto 

Meaning – to obtain, acquire or get and keep hold of something.

Example- They latched onto the idea and gave it up only reluctantly. 

48) Lay off 

Meaning – to cease, quit, stop (doing something).

Example- Lay off the singing, please.  I am trying to study. 

49) Lay on

Meaning – to provide (food or drinks) for free

Example- At the conference, they laid on a wonderful buffet. 

50) Lump together 

Meaning – to put different items or groups together and treat them, or think of them as one single group.

Example- We tend to lump turtles and tortoises together, when in fact they are different creatures. 

51) Muck about 

Meaning – to do random unplanned work or spend time idly

Example- stop mucking about and get on with your work!

52) Muddle through 

Meaning – to succeed (often clumsily) despite being ill-equipped or untrained.

Example- I have only had a few lessons, but I can muddle through the test. 

💯Click here for the compilation of 20 frequently asked error detection rules /GRAMMAR RULES in BANK exams. 

💯Click here for the compilation of frequently asked ERROR DETECTION RULES /GRAMMAR RULES in SSC exams

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