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💯Click here for the compilation of 20 frequently asked error detection rules /GRAMMAR RULES in BANK exams. 

💯Click here for the compilation of frequently asked ERROR DETECTION RULES /GRAMMAR RULES in SSC exams

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🔹NOTE – Links of the study notes(with examples, questions and solution) of each topic have been provided at the bottom of the page. 

🔘As we know how important role “The Hindu Vocabulary /vocabs”  play when it comes to SSC, IBPS, SBI, RBI and other banking exams. But memorizing and retaining them in our mind is still a challenge.To fix this, has come up with an idea of providing relatable and awesome examples that will stick to your mind as soon as you read it. You don’t have to put efforts to memorize it or search here and there for THE HINDU words. “EnglishKendra team”  is dedicated to provide you “the best study materials for English” for SSC, BANK, RAILWAY exams, prepared by the experts. Do check out other posts as well.  

 This is the part1 of the compilation, links of the part 2 and part 3 are at the bottom of the page. 

💯Click here for the compilation of VOCABS asked in BANK EXAMS 

1) Brazen (adj) – bold and without shame, बेशर्म

Synonyms- bold,shameless, forward

◾Use brazen in a sentence  Rakhi Sawant’s brazen attitude is the biggest reason behind her fame.

2) Gossamer (adj) – lightweight
महीन कपड़ा, जाला

Synonyms – Flimsy, very skinny  transparent

◾Use Gossamer in a sentence

Example – Through Disha patani’s gossamer sleeves ,we could see her thin arms.

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3) Relentless (adj) – steady and persistent, unyielding in severity
   लगातार, कठोर       
◾Use Relentless in a sentence

Example- “Virat Kohli’  has relentless determination to make India proud. 

4) Absquatulate(v) – to depart hurriedly
फरार हो जाना

Synonyms- abscond, disappear, depart

◾Use Absquatulate in a sentence

Example- Nirav Modi absquatulated from India after duping PNB of thousand of crores.

5) Lugubrious (adj) – looking or sounding sad and dismal.

Synonyms – depressed,gloomy

◾Use Lugubrious in a sentence

Example – After her mother left her ,Jahnvi kapoor was in a lugubrious condition for weeks.

6) Denouement (n) – the outcome of a situation, when something is decided or made clear.

Synonyms  – consequence,result, outcome

◾Use Denouement in a sentence

Example  – Saaho’s denouement was unsatisfying and ambiguous. 

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7) Bereft   – deprived of ,lacking something
वंचित होना

◾Use Bereft in a sentence

Example – When Sridevi died, Boney Kapoor felt bereft of love and hope. 

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8) Thwart (v) – Prevent someone from accomplishing something.
विरोध डालना

Synonyms – foil,frustrate,baulk

◾Use Thwart in a sentence

Example- Twitter has upgraded some of its features to thwart cyber-bullying.

9) Incisive (adj) – expressed in a clear and direct manner.

◾Use Incisive in a sentence

Example – with his unmatched wit and incisive remarks, Kapil Sharma attracted many fans.

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10) Succor (n) – assistance and support in times of hardship and distress
सहायता पहुॅचाना

Synonyms- aid, support, assistance

◾Use Succor in a sentence

Example- Sonam kapoor offered  succor to Jahnvi Kapoor after the death of latter’s mother. 

11) Bolster(v) – to make something stronger or more effective.
सहारा देना

◾Use Bolster in a sentence

Example  – She bolstered her self-esteem to perform a solo song on the stage.

12) Snoop(v)  – to be devious and cunning so as not to be seen.
जासूसी करना,  ताक झाँक करना

 Deploy (v) –  to prepare or arrange for use.
फैलाना,  तैनात करना

◾Use Snoop, deploy in a sentence

Example – “BJP government is the deployer and executor of the illegal snooping and the spying racket (Pegasus)” – Randeep Surjewala(congress leader)

13) Oleaginous (adj) – containing an unusual amount of grease or oil.

Synonyms – Buttery, soapy,  oily.

◾Use Oleaginous in a sentence

Example  – I had to dab my pizza with a napkin because it was so oleaginous. – Tara Sutaria

14) Salvage (v) – rescue (a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo) from loss at sea.
Synonyms  – rescue, save, retrieve

◾Use Salvage in a sentence

Example- Hrithik Roshan tried hard to salvage his marriage.

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15) Aplomb (n) – self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.

◾Use Aplomb in a sentence

Example  –    Sakhshi Malik played the tournament  with great aplomb.

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16) Atrocious – Very bad, disgusting, abominable.

◾Use Atrocious in a sentence

Example – People in Delhi breathe atrocious air throughout the winter season.

17) Prerogative (n) – a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.

Synonyms- entitlement, birthright, advantage

◾Use Prerogative in a sentence

Example – It’s the filmmaker’s prerogative how he utilizes me, says saand ki aankh actor Bhumi Pednekar.

18) Supervene(v) – to follow something closely,  either as a consequence or in contrast ,to supersede
बीच में आ पड़ना 

Synonyms- postdate, pursue, replace

◾Use Supervene in a sentence

Example- It wasn’t the breast cancer that caused her death but it was supervene of her brain aneurism.

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(Motive of this translation –  letting English flow in your veins and make preparation of English interesting and easier.) 

19) Diminution (n) – a reduction in the size, extent, or importance of something.

Synonyms- reduction, curtailing, cutting back

◾Use Diminution in a sentence

Example- Because of the diminution of gas prices, more people are hitting the highways this summer.

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20) Ignoramus (n) – an ignorant or stupid person,someone who is completely uninformed.

Synonyms- imbecile, dimwit

◾Use Ignoramus in a sentence

Example  – The Pakistani reporter was an ignoramus when she gave out false information during the broadcast.
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21) Cessation (n) – the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end
ठहराव,  विराम

Synonyms- terminations, finish, stopping

◾Use Cessation in a sentence

Example  – Because my sister engaged in inappropriate conversation online,she is now experiencing the cessation of her internet privileges.

22) Inundate (v) – overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with.
बाढ लाना, प्लावित करना 

Synonyms  – overwhelm, overpower, overload

◾Use Inundate in a sentence

Example  – My director is the type of person who likes to inundate others with project.

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23) Bootleg (v)- make, distribute, or sell (alcoholic drink or a recording) illegally.

Synonyms  – illegal,  unlicensed,  unauthorised

◾Use Bootleg in a sentence

Example  – He bootlegged the album song and gave copies to his several friends.

24) Charlatan (n) – A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skil
झूठा वैध, नीम हकीम्

Synonyms  – quack, fake, imposter

◾Use Charlatan in a sentence

Example  – Don’t believe him,he is a charlatan

25) Hoodwink (v) – deceive or trick.
चालाकी करना 

Synonyms – deceive, cheat, fool

◾Use Hoodwink in a sentence

Example- Staffs were hoodwinked into thinking the duplicate was real Kareena kapoor.

26) Titillate (v) – arouse (someone) to interest or mild excitement, especially through sexually suggestive images or words.
उत्तेजित करना

Synonyms- arouse, attract, excite

◾Use Titillate in a sentence

Example  – Kareena hoped her sexy dress would titillate her husband so much he would overlook her outrageous credit card bills.

27) Guffaw(n) – a loud and hearty laugh.
ठहाका लगाना

Synonyms- hearty laugh, loud laugh, roar of laughter

◾Use Guffaw in a sentence

Example- Sara Ali Khan guffawed with delight when she heard the news about the success of her film.

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28) Consonance  (n) – agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions.

Synonyms  – agreement, accord, unison

◾Use Consonance in a sentence

Example  – There was a consonance between Deepika and her director.

29) Exultation (n) – extreme happiness

Synonyms  – pleasure, jubilation, joy

◾Use Exultation in a sentence

Example  – Kareena laughed in exultation.

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30) Penultimate- second from the last

◾Use Penultimate in a sentence

Example – Sonal skipped the party because she didn’t want to miss the penultimate episode of her favourite TV show.

31) Fuss (n) – objection, trouble, argument,etc.
बात का बतंगड़  बनाना 

◾Use Fuss in a sentence

  Example – I don’t want to make a fuss,but this soup is not what I ordered.

32) Swagger (adj) – to talk in a proud and confident way.
अकड़ कर चलना 

◾Use Swagger in a sentence

Example – People are die hard fan of Salman’s swagger attitude.

33) Scramble (v) – to hurry or try very hard to get something, often competing with other people.
छीना झपटी करना 

◾Use Scramble in a sentence

Example – Reporters always scramble to finish stories by deadline.

34) Souvenir (n) – commemorative, keepsake. 
यादगार,  निशानी 

◾Use Souvenir in a sentence

Example – Suhana Khan still has a piece of rock as a souvenir from my last trip at Grand Canyon.

35) Prelude (n) – introduction, beginning, start.

◾Use Prelude in a sentence

Example – Movie trailers are often used as a prelude to feature films.

36) Ignominy (n) – disgrace, shame, humiliation, etc.

◾Use Ignominy in a sentence

Example – The intimate pictures leaked online, brought ignominy to Pakistani singer who threatened PM modi with snakes. 

37) Hoodwink (v) – to trick or deceive.
चालाकी करना 

◾Use Hoodwink in a sentence

Example  – Don’t let yourself be hoodwinked into buying things you don’t need.

38) Reiterate (v ) – repeat, retell,restate.
बार बार  कहना 

◾Use Reiterate in a sentence

Example  – Item girl Rakhi Sawant has a habit of reiterating her statements unnecessarily. 

39) Tapestry  (n) – used in reference to an intricate or complex sequence of events.
चित्र यवनिका,  

◾Use Tapestry in a sentence

Example – The human body is formed by a complex tapestry of DNA, which is highly complicated and precise.

40) Soar(v) – rise, increase,  climb,  etc.
तेज़ी से बढ़ना, उड़ान  

◾Use Soar in a sentence

Example  – The oil shortage causes prices soar around the globe.

41) Grapple (v) – to try hard to understand a difficult idea or to solve a difficult problem.
पकड़ना, भिड़ जाना 

◾Use Grapple in a sentence

Example  – A player is taught to grapple his opponent to achieve victory.

42) Euphoric (adj) – characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.
खुशी से भरा हुआ माहौल

◾Use Euphoric in a sentence

Example  – Although the movie was a bit boring,  I loved the feeling of euphoria I got at the end.

43) Predicament (n) – a difficult,  unpleasant,  or embarrassing situation.

◾Use Predicament in a sentence

Example – Many students find themselves in the predicament of not being able to afford private colleges.

44) Undermine (v) – to weaken gradually or insidiously.
कमज़ोर कर देना 

◾Use Undermine in a sentence

Example – The secret agency sent beautiful women to spy on members of the military and undermine their loyalty.

45) Inescapable (adj) – unable to be avoided or denied.

◾Use Inescapable in a sentence

Example- The prison was famed for being inescapable. 

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💯Click here for the compilation of 20 frequently asked error detection rules /GRAMMAR RULES in BANK exams. 

💯Click here for the compilation of frequently asked ERROR DETECTION RULES /GRAMMAR RULES in SSC exams

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