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1) On the horns of dilemma 

Meaning  - If you are on the horns of dilemma, you have to choose between two things, both of which are unpleasant or difficult.

Example -  She was on the horns of dilemma in the matter of her marriage.

2) snow under 

Meaning - to overwhelm especially in excess of capacity to absorb or deal with something.

Example- Hrithik Roshan was snowed under with fan's mail after his first film 'Kaho naa pyar hain'. 


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3) Let someone off the hook 

Meaning - If someone gets off the hook or is let off the hook, they manage to get out of the awkward or unpleasant situation that they are in.

Example - Kangna had told a lie to get off the hook in a debate. 

4)Hogging the limelight 

Meaning - Making oneself the centre of attention to the exclusion of others

Example- She always tries to hog the limelight. 

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5) Man of letters 

Meaning - a male scholar or author, a literary person

Example- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a man of letters. 

6) Carry the coal to new castle 

Meaning - spending time and energy in doing something that is useless.

Example - To offer him money is like carrying the coal to new castle as he is very rich. 

7) Pull the wool over somebody's eyes 

Meaning - to deceive, fool, or misdirect one,  especially to gain an advantage.

Example- Don't try to pull the wool over Twinkle's  eyes as she is very smart and an avid reader

8) Tick all the boxes - 

Meaning - to satisfy or fulfill everything that is necessary or desired.

Example - The upcoming movie 'Laxmi Bomb' of Akshay Kumar should tick all the right boxes for their many fans. 

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9) At the eleventh hour 

Meaning - at the last moment; almost too late

Example- The director was making changes to the script at the eleventh hour - I mean, the audience were already in the hall!

10) Tie up (the) loose ends 

Meaning - to deal with the last few things that have to be done before you can finish something

Example- We have just got a few loose ends to tie up and then the movie will be released, says filmmaker. 

11) Lump sum 

Meaning - A 'lump sum' is a large amount of money you pay or receive all at once rather than in increments over a period of time.

Example- Alia Bhatt paid a lum sump to buy a house in Juhu, Mumbai. 

12) Pie in the sky 

Meaning - something that you hope will happen but is very unlikely to happen

Example- Their plans to set up their own business are just pie in the sky. 

13) Put up a brave front 

Meaning - to act confidently in a difficult situation

Example- Though he was unable to run because of injury, yet he put up a brave front in the race. 

14) The scheme of things 

Meaning - the way things are organised or happen in a particular situation, or the way someone wants them to be organised

Example- I was disappointed not to get a good job in the industry in the beginning,  but it was not that important in the grand scheme of things (= when all things are considered), says Kartik Aryan

15) A feather in one's cap

Meaning - an achievement to be proud of.

Example- Getting a government job of  rank-A would be a feather in my cap.

16) In tatters 

Meaning- damaged beyond repair

Example- After the world wars, the world economy was in tatters. 

17)Blow the lid off 

Meaning - to make something public that was previously not known or was hidden

Example- The investigation blew the lid off corruption involved in the construction of the bridge. 

18)To feel under the weather 

Meaning - to not feel well,  feeling sick

Example- I am feeling a bit under the weather, I think I am getting a cold. 

19) Hit the right note 

Meaning - say or do something in a way that is very suitable (or unsuitable) for a particular audience or occasion

Example- PM Modi hit the right note in his show Man ki baat. 

20) Doing the rounds 

Meaning - to be passed from one person to another

Example- Rumours about kartik Aryan's  affair with Tara Sutaria are doing the rounds. 

21) Keep something at bay 

Meaning - to control something and prevent it from causing your problems

Example- She fought to keep her unhappiness at bay. 

22) Sweat something out 

Meaning - to anxiously wait for something,  to get rid of something in one's body by sweating.

Example- you'll just have to sweat it out. There's no way to hurry it up. 

23) To burst the bubble 

Meaning - To disillusion; to disabuse someone of a false notion or rationalization that has grown comfortable.

Example- I hate to burst his bubble, but he is going to be disappointed if he tries that idea. 

24) Method to madness 

Meaning - a purpose in doing something that is seemingly crazy

Example- Aditya keeps talking to himself loudly, but he insists there is a method to his madness. 

25) Time flies when you are having fun 

Meaning - when you are enjoying something, time seems to move quickly.

Example- wow, it's midnight already? I feel like we just got here. Time flies when we are together. 

26) Hark back to 

Meaning - mention or remember (something from the past).

Example- Deepa is always harking back to how things used to be. 

28) Blow (or toot) one's own horn

Meaning - to emphasize  your own achievements and success to other people

Example- I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this chicken chilli I made is quite delicious!

29) Hold your horses 

Meaning - ''stay on'' or wait

Example- Just hold your horses sheetal! Let's think about this for a moment. 

30)Not playing with a full deck 

Meaning - mentally deficient.

Someone who lacks intelligence.

Example- This guy did not play the game with a full deck.

31) Finding a needle in a haystack 

Meaning - when something is very difficult to find

Example- Trying to get a new job these days is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

32) Cast pearls before swine

Meaning - a right thing in a wrong hand.

Example- She explained the beauty of music to him but it was casting pearls before swine. 

33) Scratch someone's back 

Meaning - to do someone a favour in hopes the favour will be returned.

Example- I will do your work if you get groceries for me; you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. 

34) Banana Republic 

Meaning - small, poor countries that are politically unstable are sometimes referred to as banana republics.

Example- The citizens fear that the country will become a banana republic if the government fails to curb the corruption. 

35) It takes two to tango 

Meaning - if you say it takes two or it takes two to tango, you mean that a situation or argument involves two people and they are both therefore responsible for it.

Example- Divorce is never the fault of one partner; it takes two to tango. 

36)  The last straw 

Meaning - the final act or insult; the act that finally calls for a response.

Example- That was the last straw when he came to office late for the 3rd consecutive day and fired. 

37) Come hell or high water. 

Meaning - no matter what happens.

Example- Kareena told Saif that she had planned her vacation since a year and she would be going for it, come hell or high water. 

38) Keep the wolf from the door 

Meaning - to have sufficient money to prevent starvation or hunger.

to do something that lets one to escape death by small margin.

Example - The beautiful lady is the mother of 3 kids and earns money by illegitimate means to keep the wolf from the door. 

39) Rest on your laurels 

Meaning - to be satisfied with your achievements and not to make an effort to do anything else

Example- Just because I have done the few successful films, I can't rest on my laurels, says Ranbir Kapoor.  

40) Not a spark of decency 

Meaning - no manners

Example- She has not a spark of decency. 

41) Wash one's dirty linen (or laundry) in public 

Meaning - discuss one's personal affairs in public.

Example- Sheetal washes all her husband's  dirty linen in public.  

42) Walk a tight rope 

Meaning - to be in a situation where one must be very cautious.

Example- Since there's been talk of layoffs, I have been walking a tightrope at work to prove how valuable I am. 

43) Get ducks in a row 

Meaning - getting your things well organised.

Example- To ensure a successful product launch, we must get our ducks in a row. 

44) To break the back of anything 

Meaning - to finish the main part or the hardest part of a piece of work// To perform the most difficult part

Example- when you take the SSC, you should break the back of the English first, since it  gives you the most trouble. 

45) Cook the books 

Meaning - to falsify financial records for a company or organization.

Example- My partner had been cooking the books for years, but because I was the CEO, I got the blame for our company's collapse. 

46) Lock, stock and barrel 

Meaning - including everything;completely

Example- The site is owned lock, stock and barrel by an oil company. 

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