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Noun notes for SSC, Bank exams

Study notes on Noun(with examples) For SSC, BANK and other exams; Noun rules for SSC CGL CHSL,bank exams


OK now let’s talk about noun. We all know that noun is a very important chapter from exam point of view. Let’s learn its important rules with the help of numerous examples:

💠Study notes on Noun for SSC, Bank and other exams /Compilation of important rules associated with NOUN(with examples) 

🔷Let’s discuss some important rules associated with NOUN(with examples) 

◼️RULE 1

Uncountable nouns are generally used in the singular form.

Indefinite article is not used before them.
They are not used with plural verb.

Some examples of this noun – Advice,Evidence,  Word, Information , Hair, Luggage, Scenery, Business, Employment, Machinery, Equipment, Baggage, Furniture, Poetry etc

Spotting Errors

One should be true to one’s words.❌
One should be true to one’s word. ✔️

Rohan gave me an information. ❌
Rohan gave me information .✔️

All the evidences were against him.❌
All the evidence was against him.✔️

⚫Note – a piece of /an act of /a loaf of  etc is used to make an uncountable noun, singular. 

Example – Rohan gave me a piece of Information. ✔️

Similarly  pieces of /acts of/loaves of  etc is used to make an uncountable noun, plural.

Example – Rohan gave me some pieces of advice. ✔️

◼️RULE 2

Certain nouns exist in plural forms only. Thus “s” can’t be removed from such nouns to make them singular. They take plural verb with them.

Examples – Scissors, Tongs, Pliers,Pincers, Bellows, Trousers  Shorts, Pants, Pajamas, Goggles, Binoculars, Alms, Archives, Embers, Arrears, Lodgings, Outskirts, Shambles, Tactics etc
Where is my pants?❌
Where are my pants? ✔️

Alms was given to the beggar. ❌
Alms were given to the beggar. ✔️

⚫Note :-Wages can be used in both singular and plural form. When it means labour it acts as plural. when it’s used as result, it acts as singular.

Example – Wages are paid in cash. ✔️
                 Wages of hard work is sweet.✔️

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◼️RULE 3

News, Innings, Politics, Summons, Physics, Economics, Shingles, Linguistics etc are certain nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning. They take singular verb.

Spotting errors
This news  is not fake.✔️
The summons has been received by Mukesh.✔️
Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash. ✔️

⚫Note – summons is used as a noun and singular , plural of summons is summonses while ‘summon’  is used as  a verb which means to ask someone to appear especially in a court. 

Two summonses have been received.✔️
Summons – Noun

They were summoned to the court to give advice. ✔️
summon – Verb

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◼️RULE 4

There are some collective nouns which are plural in nature so take plural verbs with them.’s’ or  ‘es’ are not used with them to make them plural

Example – cattle, peasantry, cavalry, people, folk, children, gentry, police etc.
Cattle is grazing in the field. ❌
Cattles are grazing in the field.❌
Cattle are grazing in the field.✔️

⚫Note – when ‘people’ means a group of persons it acts as plural without taking ‘s’ with it,  but when ‘people’ is used in the sense of a country or a race then it takes ‘s’ with it to make a plural formation.

Example – There are young peoples at the party. ❌
There are young people at the party. ✔️
India,  china and Pakistan are people of Asia. ❌
India,  china and Pakistan are peoples of Asia. ✔️

◼️RULE 5

The collective nouns like committee, jury, house, ministry, police, mob, audience, team, board are used with singular verbs when they are used as a body or a group and not as members.When they are used as members then they take plural verb. 

( ◾Tip – when a group is considered as a single unit, it takes a singular verb and singular pronoun and when it’s considered plural, it takes a plural verb. ) 

Example – The police has become insensitive. ✔️
The police was posted all over the route.❌
The police were posted all over the route. ✔️
The committee have approved expenditure of fifty crores.❌ 
The committee has approved expenditure of fifty crores. ✔️

The committee has not decided on the matter yet. ❌
The committee have not decided on the matter yet. ✔️

Note – when a collective noun like committee, jury etc is not unanimous, it takes plural verb as in this case it’s not considered as a single unit. 




◼️RULE 6
Hyphenated noun does not have plural form.

Example – He gave me five hundred – rupees notes. ❌
He gave me five hundred – rupee notes.✔️

Sumit stays in five – stars hotels. ❌
Sumit stays in five – star hotels. ✔️

◼️RULE 7
Nouns expressing number are used in singular form, with numeral adjectives. 

Example – sheetal gave me five dozens pens. ❌
Sheetal gave me five dozen pens. ✔️

◼️RULE 8
If a preposition connects two similar nouns , the noun used in singular form takes singular verb. 

Example – Villages after villages was visited during the last election. ❌
Villages after villages were visited during the last election. ❌
Village after village was visited during the last election. ✔️

◼️RULE 9
Use of apostrophe with ‘s’ 

a) The use of apostrophe with ‘s’ is not correct in the case of non living things. It is restricted only to living things, time,  weight, distance, amount or personified nouns. 

The table’s wood. ❌
The wood of the table. ✔️

Girl’s hand. ✔️
A one-kilometre’s journey. ✔️
Time’s march.✔️
A rupee’s worth. ✔️Nature’s laws. ✔️

b)   Two nouns in the possessive case denote plural form. When apostrophe with ‘s’ is used with one noun, it expresses singular form. 
For example

Shweta and Sohan’s mother (the mother of both Shweta and Sohan) 
Shweta’ and Sohan’s mothers ( mothers of Shweta and Sohan)

C) With compound nouns apostrophe with ‘s’ is added only with the last word. 

Sister’s-in-law behaviour. ❌
Sister-in-law’s behaviour. ✔️

d) Pronouns are written by omitting apostrophe but ‘s’ is added. 

Yours truly
Its colour

e) Possessive case is indicated by apostrophe without ‘s’ after plural nouns or words ending with ‘s’. 

John keats’ poem
Girls’ hostel
Jesus’ sake
Dickens’ novel
Kalidas’ works

f) ‘Else’ combined with indefinite pronouns (somebody, anybody , nobody etc) is  expressed in possessive case as somebody else’s in place of somebody’s else. 

This is not my pen. This is somebody’s else. ❌
This is not my pen. This is somebody else’s. ✔️ 

◼️Rule 10

Note the use of fractions. 

One and a half years is wasted. ❌
One and a half years are wasted.✔️
A year and a half is wasted. ✔️
Some words are used wrongly in colloquial English in India. 


Incorrect                                    Correct

Cousin brother /sister               cousin
Pick pocketer                              Pick pocket
Proudy                                          Proud
Big blunder                                  Blunder

🔹Difference between Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy is the fear to lose the person/thing that we have. Envy means resentful desire of something possessed by someone else. 

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The one who landed here to learn important rules based on noun to spot errors correctly, hope the post served you. 
Have a great time ahead .Good luck. 

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