🔘There are certain words/vocabs which are frequently asked in bank(IBPS, SBI, RBI) exams.Memorizing them is of utmost importance.To memorize them easily 'EnglishKendra team' has prepared relatable and very simple examples so that it gets absorbed in your mind as soon as you read it. You do not have to put extra efforts to imbibe those words/vocabs in your mind. We are here to simplify your tasks.
Do check out another posts as well.Each post has been prepared by the Englishkendra team keeping in mind the pattern and the demand of the exam. 


Links of the part 2 and part 3 of the frequently asked vocabs in bank exams,  are at the bottom of the post. 

    1.    Abdicate :  to give up a position or power/ to renounce a throne, high   office, dignity
Syn:  Relinquish, Resign

Example - “Pakistan PM Imran Khan will have to abdicate his chair sooner or later”, Bilawal Bhutto. 

    2.    Abjure : Formally reject a formerly held belief. 
Syn : Recant, Forswear

Example : In a sober ceremony, Sia abjured her old religion and embraced Christianity.

    3.  Abrupt:  Sudden and unexpected/ Rude/ Extremely sharp
    Syn:  Precipitous, Discourteous,

Example: US-North Korea nuclear talks came to an abrupt end.

    4.  Abscond:  to depart secretly and hide oneself
Syn : Flee, Escape

Example: WikiLeak’s founder Julian Assange has been sent to 50 weeks jail for absconding while on bail.

    5. Abstruse:  Difficult to comprehend
Syn: Recondite, Esoteric

Example: "In the beginning the script seemed abstruse but later I liked it a lot" ,Bhumi Pednekar. 

    6. Accede: to give consent/ to attain or assume office
Syn:  Assent

Example : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel urged that Guruji went to Kashmir to get Maharaja Hari Singh to accede his state.

    7. Accolade:  Praise & approval/ Ceremonial embrace
Syn:  Citation, Salutation

Example : Cristiano Ronaldo has been known for his bold statements regarding individual accolades.

    8. Accusation: a charge of wrong doing; imputation of guilt or blame
Syn: Complaint, Indictment

Example: Another #Metoo accusation on Anu Malik. Singer Neha Bhasin accused him of being a sexual predator.

    9. Adage: a wise saying
Syn: Proverb, Byword

Example-  I love the old adage ,'A picture is worth thousand words".

    10.  Admonish: to express warning & disapproval/ to give friendly earnest         advice to
Syn:  Rebuke, Reproach

Ex: "I was admonished by my producer for being straightforward" , Kangna Ranaut. 

    11. Affluent(adj): having an abundant supply of money or possession of         goods/  flowing freely/ in abundance
Affluent (n):  branch flowing into main stream
Syn:  wealthy, tributarty

Example - My friend Ananya is from an affluent family, so studying abroad is not a big deal for her.

    12.  Agonised:  expressing pain or agony
Syn: Anguished,

Example: PM recalled the Pulwama terror attack and said that the nation  is “agonised and angry” at the loss of brave sons of the soil.

    13. Apathetic: not interested or concerned
Syn:  Complacent, Nonchalant

Example: "Khushi is the most apathetic/ nonchalant of all of us" , Jahnvi Kapoor in Koffee with Karan.
    14. Appalling:  causing dismay, shock or disgust
Syn:  abhorrent

Example- Shahrukh Khan visited the acid attack survivor and condemned the incident as unfortunate and appalling. 

    15.  Assiduity:  great and constant diligence and attention
Syn : Industriousness, attentiveness

Ex: India was initially cautious as openers Gautam Gambhir and Rahul Dravid chose assiduity over assertion.

    16. Assuage: to make(unpleasant feeling) less severe/ to satisfy
Syn: Alleviate, lessen

Example: “One CM, two deputies” BJP’s new formula to assuage Shivsena.

    17. Baffling: Extremely confusion and and difficult to understand
Syn: perplexing, Bewildering

Example: Dia Mirza baffled at BCCI for hosting T20I in New Delhi.

    18. Bolster:  to support or strengthen
Syn : Reinforce, Sustain

Example: IPL 2019: Bolstered by David Warner’s return.

    19.  Breach:  act of breaking a law, agreement & code of  conduct/ gap in wall, barrier or defence
Syn:  Violation, Rupture

Example: FB Data Breach Case: Facebook revealed that many app developers may have accessed facebook user’s data for months.

    20. Cajole: persuade (someone) to do something by flattery/ deceive someone by soothing words
Syn : Coax, Wheedle

Example: Ivanka Trump and her team Cry, Cajole, and carp to get her out of the bad press.

    21. Calamity: an event resulting in great loss and misfortune
Syn: Catastrophe, disaster

Example: Captain Amrinder Singh declared natural calamity in Punjab.

    22. Candid: openly straightforward without secretiveness/ informal or natural specially caught off guard and unprepared
Syn: Ingenuous, Outspoken

Example: PM Modi and Angela Markel talks candid and straight.


    23. Capricious: determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity or reason/ changeable
Syn: Impulsive, Freakish

Example: Who will stop Trump’s capricious immigration policy ?

    25.Compelling: Drivingly  Forceful/ demanding attention/ convincing
Syn: Fascinating, coercive

Example: WWE: Roman Reigns is now the most compelling star

    26.  Contaminated:  made dirty, polluted or poisonous by the addition of chemical, waste or infection
Syn: corrupt, harm

Example - The Ganges or Ganga is highly contaminated because of rapid industrialization. 

    27.Contend: compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others / to assert or maintain/ come to terms with
Syn:  Postulate, deal

Example: Rohit Sharma is contended with sporadic captaincy responsibility.

    28.Counterfeit : made an imitation of something else with intent to deceive 
Syn:  Fake, Forged

Example: AAFA said that Amazon is not doing its part to eliminate counterfeit from its store.

    29. Cripple:  a person who is partially or totally unable to use his one or more limbs
Syn: Injure, immobilize

Example- Permanently crippled by her wounds,Muniba Mazari devoted herself to the welfare of the people.
    30. Dampen: to make slightly wet/ make less strong or intense
Syn: moisten, diminish

Example: Diwali celebrations dampened due to rains in Benguluru.

    31. Dangle: hang freely
Syn: swing, suspend

Example: Khushi and Jahnvi were sitting on the edge of the pool,dangling their feet in the water.

    32. Daunting:  discouraging through fear
Syn: Intimidating, frightening

Example- Haunted is a daunting movie.

    33. Dazzling: brilliantly or showily bright, colourful 
                            or impressive
Syn:  Candescent, splendid

Ex: PM Modi shares dazzling pictures of Kartarpur corridor.

    34. Delinquent (n): a young offender
      Delinquent (adj): guilty of misdeed/ being overdue           
      in payments/ failing in what duty requires
Syn:  derelict, wrongdoer

Ex: Tis Hazari violence: DHBCA has also sought registration of an FIR against the delinquent police officials for their criminal acts.

     35. Demagogue: a political leader who tries to influence people by making emotional speeches
Syn: Agitator, instigator

Example- MP Azam Khan is a demagogue.

    36. Demise (n): death/ termination of existence or operation
      Demise (v): transfer by a lease or by a will
Syn : doom, termination

Ex: The demise of Sridevi created a vacuum in her daughter's lives.

     37. Denunciation: public act of denouncing
 Syn: Censure, Reprimand

Example- The blatant journalist made a denunciation of Tara Sutaria.

    38. Deploring:  express strong disapproval of/regret strongly/to feel or express grief
Syn : Censure, lament

Ex: I deplore her habit of  wasting time by making tik tok videos. 

    39. Deprivation:  lacking the necessities of life, as adequate food and shelter/a removal of rank or office
Syn:  Privation, dispossession

Ex: The UN Human Rights office says it is extremely concerned at right's deprivation in Kashmir.

    40.Despondency: feeling downcast, disheartened and hopeless
Syn:melancholy, gloom

Ex: Dia Mirza, “ I sense a growing despondency. It is not a bad thing. Let’s convert this anxiety into action! The time to act on #AirPollution is now”

     41.Destitution: state of having no money or possessions
 Syn: Dire straits, poverty

Example - "Even though I grew up in a destitute condition, it did not stop me from dreaming big",Ronaldo.

    42.Detrimental: causing harm or injury
    Syn: Damaging, prejudicial

Example: “The changes introduced in Right to Information act can be   detrimental",  Justice Madan Lokur said.

    43. Deteriorate:  become worse or disintegrate
Syn: decline, retrograde

Example: Air quality continued to deteriorate and is in ‘severe’category in Delhi.

    44. Deterrent: something that makes movement or progress difficult.

Example-  Capital punishment may act as a deterrent to rapists.

    45. Devastated: brought to a state of ruin and destruction; emotionally shattered or distraught
Syn: annihilated, desolate

Example: A Ransomware attack can devastate your company.

     46. Dwindle: become smaller or lose substance
      Syn: Shrink, diminish

   Example: The population of buterfly is dwindled in Pune,according to a report. 

     47.  Divergent: tending to move apart in different directions/      different interest,views,attitude
   Syn: different, conflicting

Ex: Congress leader spoke in divergent voices on the Supreme court verdict in the Karnataka crisis.

     48.  Disdain: feeling of aversion or antipathy/ communication that belittles somebody or something
Syn: contempt, scorn

Example -" They looked at me with disdain just because the film 'Chashme Baddoor' could not do well", Taapsee Pannu in an interview. 

49) Distorted
: changed, specially in a way that makes something worse than it was before
Syn: contorted, deformed

Example- Kangna blamed Hrithik of distorting the facts.

50) Divulge: to disclose or reveal(something private, )
Syn: proclaim, disclose

Example- Disha Patani refused to divulge details on her personal life.

51) Drastically: extreme in effect/ severely or seriously
Syn: substantially, radically

Example-  After the success of  the film Queen,Kangna's life changed drastically. 

52) Dwell: to live/to emphasize or ponder in thought,speech     or writing
Syn:  abide, stay

Example- "I don't dwell on what went wrong",Virat Kohli. 

53) Ebullient: very energetic, positive and happy
Syn: exuberant, lively

Example-  "After taking my power coffee,I transform myself into an ebullient character",Shahid Kapoor.

54) Eloquent: Fluent or persuasive in speaking or  writing
Syn: articulate, fluent

Example- Sadhguru's speeches are always eloquent and powerful.

55) Emancipation: process of giving people social, or political freedom or rights
Syn:  Freeing, liberation

Example- Muniba Mazari has been working for the emancipation disabled people(differently abled people).

56) Embark: to go on board  vehicle for transportation/ to make a start
Syn:  commence, begin

Example-  Kareena and her husband Saif Ali Khan embarked on their another vacation to Maldives.

57) Emulated: to attempt to equal or surpass by imitation/ to compete with
Syn: Imitate, Follow

Example- Many girls on tik tok try to emulate Kareena's attitude and style.

58) Emphatic: Clear and determined in action or speech
Syn: vehement, assertive

59)Engraved: to carve text or symbol into (something) / to impress deeply
Syn: inscribe, etch

Example-  Ritesh engraved my name on the platinum bracelet,Genelia.

60) Enormous: very large in size, quantity or extent/ exceedingly wicked
Syn:  gigantic, mammoth

61) Entangled: to wrap or twist together/ involve in difficult situation
Syn: intertwine, complicate

Example- Mamta Kulkarni got entangled in a legal dispute over drug racket.

62) Entrenched: dug in/ established firmly or securely
Syn:  Rooted, fixed

Example- Don't entrench yourself too much in the work.

63) Envisaged:  to form a mental image of something in advance of realization
Syn: Visualize, Concieve

Example- I envisage becoming DM of my district one day.

64) Eradicate: to remove or destroy utterly
Syn: exterminate, uproot

Example- Social evils must be eradicated from the society. 

65) Erudite: having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying
Syn: Scholarly, knowledgeable

Example- Sadhguru aka Jaggi Vasudeva is an erudite who is born in Mysuru,Karnataka.

66) Evacuate: to leave empty/ remove from a dangerous place to a safer place
Syn: Void, expel

Example- We will have to evacuate this place asap.

67) Excerpt: a passage elected from a large work
Syn: Extract, Selection

68) Exploitation:  the use of something in order to get an advantage from it
Syn: victimization, profiteering

69) Faltering: move or speak hesitatingly/ be unsure or weak
Syn: Uncertain, weak, hesitant

Example- Tara Sutaria walked the ramp without faltering. 

70) Feasible: Capable of being done/ Reasonably or likely
Syn: Executable, practicable

Example- This idea is not feasible. 


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