In hand Salary of a newly joined SBI Clerk 2020 (latest Salary Slip)

In hand Salary of SBI clerk 2020 (in hand and Salary Slip);SBI clerk salary and promotion 2020


In hand Salary of SBI clerk (with latest Salary Slip);SBI clerk salary and promotion;SBI clerk salary after 7th pay commision


is the largest commercial bank in India and always considered as more secure
and prestigious bank in the country. SBI Clerk is the most awaited notification
every year and it is also the most demanding entry level jobs in India. SBI
provides a handsome pay scale for its SBI Junior Associates at the entry level.
we are going to provide you the complete salary structure for Junior associate
(Clerk) in SBI.
SBI Clerk Salary Structure:
Starting Basic
pay of candidate is: 13075 (11765+ 2 advance increments admissible to
Maximum Basic
salary of an SBI clerk: 31,450/-
SBI Clerk
DA Allowance: SBI
Clerk gets 4-7% DA of the basic pay depending on the city of posting. It is
revised quarterly and decided on the basis of CPI. DA increases when the
inflation is high and vice versa.
HRA Allowance: A
SBI Clerk gets 35% to 40% HRA of the Basic Pay (Depending upon the City Posted
in). It depends on the basis of place of posting of an employee i.e metro
cities, semi urban or rural areas. It is usually higher for metro cities and
lower for rural areas.
allowance, Special Allowance, City Allowance, medical Allowance, Newspaper
Allowance and Furniture Allowance are the few other perks of an SBI Clerk.
The in-hand
salary of SBI Junior associate (Customer Support and Sales) lies in the range
of Rs. 22,000- Rs. 26,000 depending upon the city in which they are posted in.

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Salary Slip of SBI Clerk:
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