The Hindu Grammar

The Hindu English Grammar: PDF of a monthly compilation of The Hindu editorials with RC, cloze test, grammar questions, and vocab

The Hindu English Grammar: PDF of a monthly compilation of The Hindu editorials with RC, cloze test, grammar questions, and vocab

Hello everyone,
EnglishKendra has launched India’s 1st all in one monthly magazine “English HotSpot” to tackle competitive English.

💯This magazine is what all you need to score high in English section of Bank, SSC and other exams.

What does “English HotSpot” contain?

✅ It contains The Hindu editorials of the month along with Reading Comprehension, Cloze test, error detection, para-jumbles, and other grammar questions based on The Hindu editorials (with detailed solutions and handy tips).

✅ It also contains compilation of important Grammar Rules used in the editorial sentences (with plenty of examples).

✅ Contains a monthly compilation of The Hindu vocab with synonyms, antonyms. (with English and Hindi meaning)

✅ It also contains monthly compilations of The Hindu Idioms and phrases, The Hindu Phrasal Verbs (with English and Hindi meaning).

✅ It is available in both the English and Hindi versions.

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⭕️Solving reading comprehension, Cloze test, error detection, etc based on The Hindu editorials, is of utmost importance as examiner tends to formulate RC, Cloze test, Para jumbles, etc from editorial articles.

⭕️ There is 100% guarantee that similar Cloze test, Reading comprehension etc will be asked in the upcoming Bank/IBPS and other competitive exams.

⭕️ It’s highly recommended for SSC CGL aspirants as well, it will boost your score in the comprehension, cloze test and para jumbles sections.

⭕️ This magazine (English HotSpot) is believed to be a panacea that can help you fetch high marks in the English section of your exam.

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“English HotSpot ” for the month of May, June, July, and Aug 2020 Combo
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Before downloading the PDF, let’s take a look at the TESTIMONIALS 

Hello, I am Krati Chandra from jaipur. I have been following English Kendra since Oct 2019 and the quality of the material provided here is up to the mark. I would like to say that The Hindu editorial vocab and question answers is very
relevant seeing the changing pattern of questions being asked in the exam. Similar new pattern reading comprehension and cloze test were asked in IBPS PO Exam 2019. The level matches to the level of the exam. So, practicing the Hindu editorial questions and answers will be very beneficial seeing the latest trend of exam.
For us banking aspirants, English Kendra is such a blessing. Thank you!
                                -Krati Chandra (cleared IBPS PO, IBPS clerk 2019-20 ,got canara bank)


Englishkendra has helped me tremendously in scoring full marks in English section of SSC CGL exam 2019 tier 1. Also, I hope to fetch high marks in my tier 2 exam with the help of EnglishKendra’s study materials. I have been solving the
Hindu editorials with RC, Cloze test, Error spotting Questions on daily basis and its result is miraculous. I am able to score 170-175 in English mock tests for CGL tier 2. Solving The Hindu editorials questions and answers have helped me enhance my score, especially in sentence rearrangement , reading comprehension, Cloze test and in vocab section overall. Earlier sentence rearrangement, reading comprehension and Cloze test used to be a hurdle that stood in the way of scoring high marks in English, but now with the help of EnglishKendra’s the Hindu editorials questions and answers, I have started to score high in my mock tests
                              – Puneet Kumar (SSC CGL 2019-20 aspirant)


Hello, I am Jyoti Sharma. I would like to mention that “The Hindu editorials with RC, cloze test, error detection and vocab is going to prove a boon for the students aspiring to score high marks in English in the upcoming bank exams as question pattern has been changed since last year and similar passages, cloze test are being asked in Bank exams since 2019. Hence, solving the Hindu editorials questions provided by EnglishKendra is of utmost importance if you want to score high in English Section.
Kudos to Englishkendra for providing such relevant content. Nowhere else have I found such good and relevant content.
Thanks and regards,
                    – Jyoti Sharma (Cleared SBI clerk 2019-20, LIC assistant 2019-20, RRB PO & Clerk 2019-20 )

How to ace English section through this PDF?

The PDF comprises all the important editorials which are most likely to be asked
in the upcoming exams. Each editorial has approximately 10 questions based on
the passage. If you attempt questions based on each and every editorial article
given in the PDF, there are high chances of you scoring the highest in the English
section of your exam. Monthly compilation of The Hindu vocab, idioms & Phrasal
Verbs given in the later part of this PDF will be immensely helpful in improving
your vocabulary base.

How to make the most use of this PDF?

Firstly, attempt all the editorials given in the PDF.
The best way to attempt the questions based on the editorials can be divided into
5 steps. These are the following:-

a) STEP 1 – Take a quick look at the questions based on the editorial. There are
10-15 questions for each editorial article.
Note: In this process, you don’t have to invest more than 2 minutes.

b) STEP 2 – Now that you have gone through all of the questions, you are aware
of the type of questions that you have to answer.
With those questions in your mind, now your second task is “to read the passage
based on editorial 2-3 times.

c) STEP 3 – Now the third step is to attempt the questions. (Don’t worry if you are not able to solve the questions. Keep in mind that the beginning is always tough. With
practice you will start slaying questions like no one ever has ever done) .

d) STEP 4 – The fourth step is to check the solution and rectify your mistakes.
Note: You have to focus on the approach provided in the solution part.

e) STEP 5 – The Fifth step is to read the complete editorial article given right after
the solution.
Note: This step will help you overcome the mistakes you made and develop a
good reading habits with the utmost efficiency.

Secondly, to have a good command of Vocabulary, Idioms and phrases and phrasal verbs, try to memorize monthly The Hindu vocab compilation given in the latter part of the PDF. This monthly compilation is with synonyms, antonyms, and with both Hindi and English meaning We have also compiled The Hindu idioms & phrases and phrasal verbs to help you develop a good command of idioms and phrasal verbs as well.
This monthly compilation of The Hindu editorial with RC, Cloze Test, Vocab and
Grammar questions is a panacea which will help you fetch high marks in
the English section.

Limited edition!!

Grab it asap, Good luck👍👍

“English HotSpot ” for the month of May, June, July, and Aug 2020 Combo
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