How to prepare English for NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test)


English language for NRA CET 2021: How to prepare English for NRA CET Exam

English language for NRA CET 2021

How to prepare English for NRA CET Exam? 

Is this the question arising in your mind and you want it to be addressed as soon as possible?

If yes, then I would like to announce that you have landed at the right place. Here, your each and every query regarding NRA CET Exam preparation will be addressed.

As we know that the government is going to take a common preliminary exam for the non-gazetted posts in the central government. The government has decided to conduct a Common Eligibility Test (CET) in place of prelims exams for all the government departments. The score of the exam will be used to select the candidates for the higher level of examination by the different organizations for selected candidates for the posts. The test scores will be valid for a period of 3 years and will be conducted twice a year. This is going to help all the government aspirants as there will be no need to fill different applications for the different exams and you students will have to prepare for a single exam now.

Now the question is how to approach this exam? What is the right strategy? 

Let’s first discuss ‘how to prepare English for NRA CET Exam’ :

Keep in mind that NRA CET Exam English level would not be very easy, as now-a-days even SSC CGL is following IBPS English level which is considered o be moderate to difficult. Also, it is in news that NRA CET Scorecard will be valid for private sector as well, that is why NRA will try to maintain the level of questions keeping everything in mind.

Therefore, we suggest that to score very good marks in English of NRA CET, one must read The Hindu editorials on a daily basis. It would be better if you follow English HotSpot as it contains good quality questions and answers based on The Hindu editorials along with the editorials.

English in competitive exams is divided in three parts which are as follows:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Verbal Ability

All these sections can be tackled just by following English HotSpot monthly ebook (pdf),  published by EnglishKendra.

Let’s discuss in detail:

Master strategy to prepare English for NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test) 2021:

1. Have a firm grasp of Grammar-

Most of the questions like fillers, errors are based on the grammatical portion. So, the grammatical portion is not only important for NRA CET  but also an over-all score booster for MAINS of the respective exams. EK  publishes PDF of monthly compilation of The Hindu Editorials with RC, cloze test, vocab, error detection, para jumbles and other grammar questions” with detailed solution. You must follow it on a regular basis. Make it a study ritual and witness the miracle. It’s a panacea that will make you score high in English.

Tip – Follow English HotSpot (It is a premium study material, so it is paid, but rest assured that just Rs 29/- of monthly investment will make you score very good marks in English)


2. How to tackle RC ( Reading Comprehension) –

Most of the students struggle with the RC. To tackle the RC in the least amount of time, one should concentrate enough to understand the plot/ story in one go. If the concentration breaks in between, one has to re-read the whole RC, which is in itself very time-consuming. To get the RC in a single read, one must have a habit of reading. Without the reading habit, RC might seem a tedious task. Also, before reading the whole RC, one should always go through the questions. Once you go through the questions, you already know what is being asked and the chances of reading the RC again and again lessen. I highly recommend you PDF of monthly compilation of The Hindu Editorials with RC, cloze test, vocab, error detection, para jumbles, and other grammar questions” to tackle reading comprehension. You must follow it on a regular basis. Make it a study ritual and witness the miracle.

Tip from my side – Again,  English HotSpot

It’s a one-stop solution for all the problems you face in English.

  1. How to attempt Cloze Test-

Cloze test is the section where aspirant’s grammatical and vocabulary based skills are checked. Sometimes, only vocab based questions are asked while sometimes the same word is given with different propositions and different form of verbs, out of which the aspirant has to choose the correct option. If you prepare well for grammar portion and vocab portion, cloze test would be an easy nut to crack. I again highly recommend you English HotSpot” to have a good grip on new pattern cloze test being asked in the recent govt exams.  You must follow it on a regular basis. It’s a panacea that will make you score very high in English.

Tip from my side – Again, follow English HotSpot 

You will get to practice similar new pattern cloze tests through English HotSpot 

  1. Have a decent knowledge of vocabulary-

Vocabulary is the second most important and easiest portion to score marks. One should be well versed in this portion.
Mostly, vocab based questions are asked in RC; a synonym or antonym of a certain word is asked. Sometimes, an individual question (set of 4/5) based on vocab is asked too. To enhance the knowledge of vocabulary, one
must refer to well-known books. The most recommended method would be doing English HotSpot.

  1. How to tackle Para jumble –

There are always 5-6 small statements given
and the examiner expects you to arrange them in a particular order so that it
makes the paragraph meaningful. One should always read the statements one by
one, with the clear understanding.

The statement which seems introductory to
you i.e. a statement which introduces something, be it a government scheme/ a
story or anything, that statement would be the first statement.
The statement which has the conclusion in
it i.e. the climax/closing/ result of something which is being talked about in
the paragraph, would be the last statement of the paragraph.

Now coming to the remaining statements, one
should have the knowledge of Noun/ Pronoun/ Prepositions to arrange them in the

Remember, the order of your statements
should show the progression of an activity. So the order would be Introduction <
progression< climax.

The most recommended method would be doing English HotSpot.       

 In English HotSpot, you will get to practice Para-jumbles based on the recent editorials of the The Hindi and the best thing is that they have provided excellent explanation to each and every question to focus on your concept building.

  1. How to tackle Descriptive in Mains Examination-

Descriptive tests, if prepared well can be
very fruitful. The descriptive exam consists of an application/letter (10
marks) and passage (15 marks) making it the most scoring section. One has to type
the answer on the keyboard in given time frame (30 minutes).

As there is time frame, one should be
decent enough in typing to complete the test and check the answers in the given
time frame.

One of the grave mistakes that students
make is not to mark the question. As there are options given, out of which you
have to choose one. You should always mark the question number before writing
the answer.

Grammatical mistakes impact the whole
application/ essay negatively. One should be well versed in grammar to avoid

You should not necessarily use extraordinary
vocabulary, even if with a decent knowledge of vocabulary you can score well.
The essay/ application should be clear enough to the examiner that he gets your
point. Your essay/ application should not be ambiguous.

Thank You 🙂 Feel free to mention your views/doubts in the comment section.

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