400 most important previous year vocab vocabulary SSC CGL CHSL pdf

ssc cgl previous year vocabulary pdf download,previous year vocabulary ssc cgl chsl

Vocabulary for SSC CGL pdf in Hindi;SSC previous year vocabulary pdf in Hindi;SSC previous year vocabulary pdf download;vocabulary for SSC CGL

Vocabulary for SSC CGL pdf in Hindi;SSC previous year vocabulary pdf in Hindi;SSC previous year vocabulary pdf download;vocabulary for SSC CGL

The post contains PDF of 400 Most important previous year vocabulary(with syno,anto,examples) asked in SSC exams ( with both Hindi and English  meaning)
We have handpicked 400 most important vocabulary which have been already asked in SSC CGL CPO CHSL exams.
Hence, this pdf is very important if you are targeting SSC CGL/CPO/CHSL exam. 

This compilation has been prepared by the experts of EK  keeping in mind the pattern and demand of the SSC exams.


🔷 400 Most important previous year vocab asked in SSC CGL CHSL CPO exams(with syno,anto,examples)(with Hindi and English meaning) pdf download 

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🔷 400 Most important previous year vocab asked in SSC CGL CHSL CPO exams(with synonyms,antonyms,examples)(with Hindi and English meaning) pdf 

⚫Adamant (adj.)

Meaning  of adamant   – hard,  inflexible

कठोर, अटल, अडिग

Synonyms  of adamant  –  unshakeable,  immovable 

Antonyms  of adamant –  unsure, undetermined

🔹Use adamant in a sentence 

Example-  Though Neetu was adamant in the beginning she came round in the end.


⚫Allay (v.)

Meaning  of allay –   calm,  pacify

शांत करना, तीव्रता कम करना

Synonyms of allay   –    reduce,  diminish 

Antonyms  of allay  –  increase,  intensify 

🔹Use allay in a sentence 

Example-  The mother allayed the fears of the child. 

⚫Assuage (v)

Meaning  of assuage   –   ease,   lessen

शांत करना,  कम करना 

Synonyms of assuage  –   relieve,  soothe

Antonyms  of assuage   –  aggravate 

🔹Use assuage in a sentence 

Example- Rohit’s friends assuaged his apprehension of injustice at the hands of the Principal. 

⚫ Alleviate (v)

 Meaning-   relieve,   assuage

कम करना 

Alleviate synonyms –   reduce, ease 

Alleviate  antonyms –  aggravate 

🔹Use alleviate in a sentence 

Example- Some people believe that saints are born to alleviate the pain and misery of mankind. 

 ⚫Acrimonious (adj)

Meaning-   stinging,  caustic


Acrimonious  synonyms –   bitter,  sarcastic 

Acrimonious  antonyms –  smooth, pleasant 

🔹Use acrimonious in a sentence 

Example- There were acrimonious arguments between the two brothers Causing loss of prestige to the family. 

⚫Atone (v)

Meaning-   make amends

पछताना, क्षतिपूर्ति करना 

Atone  synonyms –  absolve, recompense,  redeem 

Atone  antonyms –  disagree,  spoil

🔹Use Atone in a sentence 

Example – You must atone for the injustice you have done to innocent people. 

 ⚫Abjure (v)

Meaning-   give up

छोड़ देना, अस्वीकार करना 

Abjure  synonyms –  renounce,  relinquish, abandon 

Abjure antonyms –  assert, vindicate,  demand 

🔹Use Abjure in a sentence 

Example-  You must abjure the pursuit of sinful acts. 

⚫Adjure (v)

Meaning-  to request, to issue a formal command

अनुरोध करना,  शपथ दिलाकर कोई बात पूछना 

Adjure  synonyms – beseech,  charge,  entreat 

Adjure  antonyms –  answer 

🔹Use Adjure in a sentence 

Example-  She adjured her officers  to  grant her leave for a day or so. 

 ⚫Appraise (v)

Meaning-   estimate value of

मूल्यांकन करना 

Appraise  synonyms –evaluate,  judge,  consider 

Appraise  antonyms –  ignore,  neglect 

🔹Use Appraise in a sentence 

Example-  It is always difficult to  appraise the efforts in true spirit if the results are not favorable. 

⚫Affluence (n)

Meaning-   abundance, wealth

अमीर, समृद्धि 

Affluence synonyms –  prosperity,  luxury,  plenty 

Affluence antonyms –poverty

🔹Use Affluence in a sentence 

Example-  Affluence in his life made him forget the value of character. 

⚫Absolve (v)

Meaning-   pardon, exonerate
बरी करना,  दोषमुक्त करना

Absolve   synonyms –exonerate,  discharge , acquit

Absolve antonyms –  blame,  condemn,  punish 

🔹Use Absolve in a sentence 

Example-  At last Rahul was absolved from the charge of misconduct to his officers. 

⚫Abscond (v)

Meaning-  hide, run secretly

फरार होना

Abscond synonyms –  run away, escape, decamp 

Abscond antonyms – arrive, appear, continue 

🔹Use Abscond in a sentence 

Example-  Since Deepak committed murder,he has been absconding. 

⚫Affray (n)

Meaning-   public brawl


Affray  synonyms –fight,  battle,  confrontation 

Affray antonyms –  calm, peace,  surrender 

🔹Use Affray in a sentence 

Example- The timely action of the police averted serious mishap of the affray between the two communities. 

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⚫Annihilate (v)

Meaning-   destroy

सत्यानाश करना,  मिटा देना

Annihilate  synonyms –  wipe out,  eliminate, eradicate 

Annihilate  antonyms –create,  build , establish 

🔹Use Annihilate in a sentence 

Example- The use of nuclear weapons is likely to annihilate humanity. 

⚫Appease (v)

Meaning-   pacify, soothe

शांत करना 

Appease synonyms –  calm, assuage,  mitigate 

Appease  antonyms – aggravate,  agitate,  incite 

🔹Use Appease in a sentence 

Example-  Every political party tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank. 

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⚫Apprise (v)

Meaning-   inform

सूचित करना 

Apprise  synonyms –advise,  notify,  enlighten 

Apprise antonyms –  conceal,  secret,  hide

🔹Use Apprise in a sentence 

Example-  The Minister was apprised of the dangerous situation. 

⚫Arduous (adj)

Meaning-   hard,  strenuous

कठिन,  दुष्कर 

Arduous  synonyms –burdensome,  exhausting,  laborious 

Arduous antonyms – easy, effortless,  trivial 

🔹Use Arduous in a sentence 

Example-  A journey to Vaishno Devi is  very arduous. 

⚫Apprehend (v)

Meaning-   arrest, fear

गिरफ्तार करना 

Apprehend  synonyms –  seize, capture,  grab

Apprehend  antonyms – free, release, liberate 

🔹Use Apprehend in a sentence 

Example-  Everybody apprehends trouble in the city on account of the abduction of an industrialist. 

⚫Ameliorate (v)

Meaning-   improve


Ameliorate  synonyms – alleviate, mitigate,  amend 

Ameliorate antonyms –  aggravate,  harm, hurt

🔹Use Ameliorate in a sentence 

Example-  Unless we ameliorate the condition of the working class, we cannot expect the prosperity of the country. 

⚫Adulation (n)

Meaning-   praise,  flattery

चापलूसी,  खुशामद 

Adulation  synonyms –  applause,  commendation,  blandishment

Adulation antonyms –abuse,  criticism 

🔹Use Adulation in a sentence 

Example-  False adulation of the leaders by their followers is a common practice these days. 

⚫Animosity (n)

Meaning-   active enmity

दुश्मनी की भावना,  बैर

Animosity  synonyms –antipathy,  bad blood,  bitterness 

Animosity  antonyms – goodwill ,  kindness,  friendliness 

🔹Use Animosity in a sentence 

Example-  Animosity between the two leaders has embittered the relations between the two communities. 

⚫Audacity (n)

Meaning-   boldness


Audacity  synonyms –bravery,  courage,  guts 

Audacity  antonyms –  cowardice,  timidity,  

🔹Use Audacity in a sentence 

Example-  Ramesh is feared of his audacity and unyielding attitude. 

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⚫Acumen (n)

Meaning-   mental keenness

कुशाग्र बुद्धि 

Acumen  synonyms –sharpness ,  awareness,  cleverness 

Acumen antonyms –  stupidity,  insensitivity 

🔹Use Acumen in a sentence 

Example-  The  Jews are known for their business acumen. 

⚫Beguile (v)

Meaning-   delude,  cheat

बेवकूफ बनाना,  जी बहलाना 

Beguile  synonyms –  mislead,  deceive ,  seduce 

Beguile antonyms –  be honest ,  repel, unappealing 

🔹Use beguile in a sentence 

Example-  Don’t be beguiled by the pleasant manners of hypocrites. 

⚫Behove (v)

Meaning-   suited  to befit,  become

उपयुक्त होना 

Behove synonyms –  suit ,  be required of, be expected of

Behove  antonyms –  oppose, refuse, disagree 

🔹Use behove in a sentence 

Example-  It does not behove our political leaders to berate one another for failure in the field of economy. 

⚫Banal (adj)

Meaning-   commonplace,  trite


Banal synonyms –  hackneyed, platitudinous, ordinary 

Banal  antonyms –original, sharp , uncommon 

🔹Use banal in a sentence 

Example-  The stories of Ruskin Bond are not banal because he writes about uncommon subjects. 

⚫Brazen (adj)

Meaning-   insolent,  impudent,  impertinent

निर्लज, बेशर्म

Brazen  synonyms –  unabashed,  flip, barefaced 

Brazen  antonyms – shy, timid ,  shamed

🔹Use brazen in a sentence 

Example-  Her brazen behaviour at the party offended her poor relations. 

⚫Blatant (adj)

Blatant Meaning-  openly,  shameless


Blatant  synonyms –  unconcealed, transparent,   flagrant 

Blatant antonyms –inconspicuous,  subtle 

🔹Use blatant in a sentence 

Example-  His behaviour was condemned as blatant when he blamed his father for his own misdeeds. 

⚫Banter (n)

Meaning-   to ridicule, to tease 

उपहास,  हँसी  मज़ाक

Banter   synonyms –  taunt,  jeer, joke 

Banter  antonyms –  be serious,  flatter, praise 

🔹Use bantering in a sentence 

Example-  Even his bantering was considered offensive. 

⚫Broach (v)

eaning-   open up discussion

चर्चा करना बात उठाना 

Broach  synonyms –  bring up, introduce ,  raise subject 

Broach  antonyms –take back, deny,  close up

🔹Use broach in a sentence 

Example-  The  parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Shikha.

⚫Bereft (adj)

Meaning-   deprived of,  lacking

प्यार में दुखी

Bereft  synonyms –beggared, deprived ,  destitute 

Bereft  antonyms – full, happy,  

🔹Use bereft in a sentence 

Example-  Bereft of wealth and honour, he died miserable death. 

⚫Belittle (v)

Meaning-   disparage,  underestimate

छोटा समझना 

Belittle synonyms –  deprecate, downgrade,  minimize 

Belittle  antonyms –praise,  magnify

🔹Use belittle in a sentence

Example-  Our adversaries always try to belittle our success. 

⚫ Bellicose (adj)

Meaning-   warlike,  militant,  belligerent


Bellicose  synonyms –aggressive,  hostile, threatening 

Bellicose  antonyms –peaceable 

🔹Use bellicose in a sentence

Example-  India most adopt bellicose approach with regard to her security problems. 

⚫Bestow (v)

Meaning-   confer, give

प्रदान करना 

Bestow synonyms –  donate,  grant,  entrust 

Bestow antonyms –refuse, deny, deprive 

🔹Use bestow in a sentence

Example-  Nature has bestowed many gifts on man.

⚫Besmirch (v)

Meaning-   defile

कीचड़ उछालना 

Besmirch  synonyms –dishonor,  smear, smudge 

Besmirch  antonyms –  honor, upgrade,  praise 

🔹Use besmirch in a sentence

Example-  The  opposition always tries to besmirch the reputation of the ruling party. 

⚫Berserk (adj)
Meaning-  frenzied,  amuck, amok
बहुत उत्तेजित या क्रोधित,  पागल 

Berserk synonyms –crazy, insane,  violent 

Berserk antonyms –calmly,  mildly,  placidly 

🔹Use berserk in a sentence

Example-  The  police went berserk and began to lathicharge the  crowd demonstrating  peacefully. 

⚫Breach (n)

Meaning-   breaking of contract/duty, peace, rift

दरार,  भंग

Breach  synonyms –  Break , chip, discontinuity 

Breach  antonyms –agreement,  closing,  juncture 

🔹Use breach in a sentence

Example-  Anti-social  elements were rounded up  for  fear of  breach of  peace. 

⚫Capricious (adj)

Meaning-   fickle,  unstable,  faithless

मनमौजी, सनकी 

Capricious  Synonyms –  inconstant,  variable, volatile 

Capricious  Antonyms –  stable,  consistent 

🔹Use Capricious in a sentence 

Example-  Capricious person change their mind frequently without any reason. 

⚫Condone (v)

Meaning-   overlook,  forgive

माफ़ करना,  ध्यान न देना 

Condone Synonyms –  ignore,  pardon,  excuse 

Condone  Antonyms –  deny,  attend,  forbid 

🔹Use Condone in a sentence 

Example-  Rahul’s fault is too serious to be condoned. 

⚫Covert (adj)

Meaning-   hidden,  implied


Covert   Synonyms –  secret, concealed, clandestine, private, 

Covert   Antonyms –  public, visible, barefaced

🔹Use Covert in a sentence

Example-  The  covert warning Sahil gave to me opened my eyes to the reality of the situation. 

⚫Chastise (v)

Meaning-   punish

दण्ड देना 

Chastise   Synonyms –  scold, correct, chide, rebuke 

Chastise   Antonyms –  pardon, excuse, praise, encourage

🔹Use Chastise in a sentence

Example-  Shila was chastised for her unruly behavior in the presence of the guests. 

⚫Condign (adj)

Meaning-   adequate, rigorous

Condign  Synonyms –  appropriate,  fitting ,  proper,  deserved 

Condign  Antonyms –  undeserved ,  inapposite, unmerited 

🔹Use Condign in a sentence 

Example-  No punishment,  whatsoever is condign for a rapist.

⚫Daunt (v)

Meaning-   intimidate

धमकाना,  उत्साहहीन करना 

Daunt  Synonyms –  discourage,  scare, dishearten, terrify 

Daunt  Antonyms –  encourage,  embolden ,  stimulate 

🔹Use daunt in a sentence 

Example-  One should never be daunted by difficulties in life. 

⚫Decry (v)

Meaning-   disparage


Decry   Synonyms –  depreciate,  belittle,  condemn,  denounce 

Decry   Antonyms –  applaud,  exalt,  praise 

🔹Use decry in a sentence 

Example-  you can’t gain anything by decrying the success of your rivals. 

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