PHRASE REPLACEMENT/SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT  questions asked in SSC CPO 2019 (with detailed solution) 

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🔵Compilation of  SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT questions asked in SSC CPO 2019 (with detailed solution) 

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Q.  I made them cleaning the room thoroughly.
1. I made them clean
2. No substitution required
3. I make them cleaning
4. I making them clean

Solution: 1
"Let, help, bid, make" are followed by bare infinitive (to+V1). 
Check out the rule No.  38⬇️
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Q. I enjoy to watch a good detective movie.
1. watching
2. watched
3. No substitution
4. watch

Solution: 1
Gerund is used after the verb 'enjoy'. 
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Q. When we arrived at Jhansi station, we are keeping our luggages in the cloak room.
1. are keeping our luggage
2. kept our luggages
3. kept our luggage
4. No substitution

Solution: 3
The sentence is in past, hence 'kept our luggage' is the obvious choice. 
Note - 'es' is not added with luggage to make it plural (The plural form of luggage is 'luggage' only) 

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Q. She availed of the big discounts at the sale.
1. No substitution
2. She availed for a
3. She availed on the
4. She availed herself of the

Solution: 4
'Avail' is used reflexively. 
Check out the rule no. 10 ⬇️
💯Study Notes on VERB

Q. If I would have a degree from the university, I would get a good job.
1. When I will have a degree
2. If I am having the degree
3. No substitution
4. If I had a degree

Solution: 4
This is a type 2 conditional sentence. 
Refer to the notes ⬇️
💯Study Notes on CONDITIONAL SENTENCES (with examples) 

Q. I couldn't got some sleep because the people in the next room were talking very loudly.
1. couldn't get some sleep
2. couldn't get any sleep
3. couldn'tgot any sleep
4. No substitution

Solution: 2
Modals are followed by V1. 
'any' will be used in place of 'some' as the given sentence is negative(couldn't).

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Q. The authorities are looked on the matter.
1. No substitution
2. are looked into the matter
3. are looking into the matter
4. are looking on the matter

Solution: 3
Look into a matter - to investigate a matter. 

Q. Rahul thinks that this is quite the cheap restaurant.
1. so a cheap
2. so the cheap
3. No substitution
4. quite a cheap

Solution: 4
Quite is followed by an 'indefinite article'. 

Q. The tree was uprooted by the storm last evening, isn't it?
1. didn't it
2. wasn't it
3. was it
4. No substitution

Solution: 2

Q. When the PMC Bank failed many people's lives were ruining.
1. No substitution required
2. were ruined
3. was ruined

4. has ruined

Solution: 2
Were ruined(passive form of simple past) 

Q. This is place where Krishna was born.
1. No substitution required
2. This is the place
3. This is a place
4. This be the place

Solution: 2
Place is definite here , hence definite article 'the' should be used. 

Q. No sooner did it begin to rain that all the guests ran inside.
1. No substitution required
2. so that all the guests
3. than all the guests
4. when all the guests

Solution: 3
'Than' in place of that. 

Q. Tomatoes sown around July in the southern states are harvested in October.
1. Tomatoes sow around July
2. Tomatoes sowing around July
3. Tomatoes sown under July
4. No substitution required

Solution: 4
The given sentence is absolutely correct. 

Q. You have finished your work, have you?
1. haven't you
2. No substitution
3. did you
4. didn't you

Solution: 1

Q. He waits to you for about two hours.
1. has been waiting to you
2. has waiting for you
3. No substitution
4. has been waiting for you

Solution: 4

Q. I know the girl that sells flowers on the pavement.
1. who
2. No substitution
3. which
4. what

Solution: 1
'who' in place of 'that' 

Q. The mother is slept while the child was playing.
1. is asleep
2. was slept
3. No substitution
4. was asleep

Solution: 4
'was asleep' is the correct usage here as the sentence is in past tense. 

Q. Even if he is a honest man, he has been accused of theft.
1. Although he is an honest man
2. No substitution
3. Even though he is a honest man
4. Since he are an honest man

Solution: 1

Q. Neither the directors nor the Chairman were available to interrogation.
1. were available for
2. were available by
3. was available for
4. No substitution

Solution: 3
RULE   - When two or more subjects are connected by " not only.. But also  , neither... Nor, either.. Or, none.. But", the verb is used according to the nearest subject. 

He had barely spoken the words when he realised his mistake.
1. barely speak the words that
2. No substitution
3. barely spoken the words than
4. barely spoke the words when

Solution: 2
Barely/hardly/scarcely is followed by conjunction 'when', hence the given sentence is absolutely correct. 

His employees were asking him for a raise for a long time now.
1. asked him for a rise
2. No substitution
3. have been asking him for a raise
4. are asking him of a raise

Solution: 3

If you will bring a letter of introduction, I will consider your request.
1. If you brings
2. No substitution
3. If you will be bringing
4. If you bring

Solution: 4

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It would be wise to accept the company's offer lest you should regret later.
1. lest you shall not regret
2. No substitution
3. lest you would regret
4. lest you should not regret

Solution: 2

This is one of the boldest economic reform that have ever been introduced.
1. economic reform that has ever
2. No substitution
3. economic reforms that has ever
4. economic reforms that have ever

Solution: 4
'One of the' is followed by plural noun.  

She has no other hobby but that of collecting coins.
1. no other hobby than
2. No substitution
3. no another hobby but
4. not other hobbies but

Solution: 1
She has no other hobby than that of collecting coins. ✔️

I tried to contact my dentist but her cell phone appeared to have been switched off.
1. appears to had been
2. No improvement
3. appeared to been
4. appear to be

Solution: 2

Be polite and courteous will greatly improve your chances of making friends at your new office.
1. By being polite and courteous
2. Being polite and courteous
3. No improvement
4. For being polite and courteous

Solution: 2

The children has had their dinner but the adults still have to eat.
1. is having the dinner
2. have had their dinner
3. No improvement
4. are have their dinner

Solution: 2
'Children' is plural.

The World Health Organisation warned the Government that even many people were likely to die of epidemics than of the tsunami.
1. that so many people are likely
2. No improvement
3. that even most people are going to be likely
4. that more people were likely

Solution: 4

Employees refrain to indulge in undesirable activities if they are monitored.
1. refrain for indulgence
2. refrain from indulging
3. refrain against indulging
4. No substitution

Solution: 2
Preposition 'from' is used with 'Refrain' 
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Some people in the audience were asleep while the chief guest was speaking.
1. whenever the chief guest spoke
2. when the chief guest has spoken
3. while a chief guest is speaking
4. No substitution

Solution: 4

The colour of her cheeks is like a rose.
1. are like a rose
2. are just as a rose
3. is like that of a rose
4. No substitution

Solution: 3

The assignment was so difficult for Mohit to do on his own.
1. was too difficult
2. was so much difficult
3. No substitution
4. were so difficult

Solution: 1

The student, with his parents were asked for waiting outside the Principal's office.
1. was asked to wait
2. were asked to wait
3. No substitution
4. were asked to be waiting

Solution: 1

Pedestrians is to be careful when crossing busy roads.
1. need be caring when crossing
2. must be careful when crossing
3. would care if they are crossing
4. No improvement

Solution: 2

Shailaja is prettier than either of her three cousins.
1. most prettier than all of
2. No improvement
3. prettier than any of
4. pretty than either of

Solution: 3

The children trying hardly and learnt the poems.
1. No improvement
2. hardly trying
3. tried hard
4. hardly try

Solution: 3

In the park I happened to meet two of my father's friend who had known him for several years.
1. No improvement
2. two of my father's friends
3. two of my fathers friend
4. two friends of my fathers

Solution: 2

This college is not only equipped with the best laboratories but also has the most competent staff.
1. and also had the most
2. but also have the most
3. but has the very
4. No improvement

Solution: 4

Phrase replacement  asked in SSC CPO 2019

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