Part 1 of the compilation of most important vocabulary for SSC exams (with synonyms, antonyms and its usage in a sentence) - PREPARE ENGLISH FOR SSC BANK AND OTHER EXAMS:ENGLISHKENDRA

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🔷Part 1 of the compilation of most important vocabulary for SSC exams (with synonyms, antonyms and its usage in a sentence) 

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1) Adamant (adj.)

Meaning  of adamant   - hard,  inflexible
 कठोर, अटल, अडिग

Synonyms  of adamant  -  unshakeable,  immovable 

Antonyms  of adamant -  unsure, undetermined

🔹Use adamant in a sentence 

Example-  Though Neetu was adamant in the beginning she came round in the end.

2) Allay (v.)

Meaning  of allay -   calm,  pacify

शांत करना, तीव्रता कम करना

Synonyms of allay   -    reduce,  diminish 

Antonyms  of allay  -  increase,  intensify 

🔹Use allay in a sentence 

Example-  The mother allayed the fears of the child. 




3) Adulterate (v)

Meaning    of adulterate -    make impure 

अशुद्ध  करना

Synonyms of adulterate    -   degrade, spoil

Antonyms of adulterate -  refine 

🔹Use adulterate in a sentence 

Example- Those who adulterate milk should be severely punished. 

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4) Alacrity (n)

Meaning of alacrity -   nimbleness, agility

लचकता, तीव्रता

Synonyms of alacrity   -   quickness,  dexterity 

Antonyms of alacrity -  slowing,  clumsiness 

🔹Use alacrity in a sentence 

Example- The police acted with alacrity and apprehended the robbers. 

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5) Assuage (v)

Meaning  of assuage   -   ease,   lessen

शांत करना,  कम करना 

Synonyms of assuage  -   relieve,  soothe

Antonyms  of assuage   -  aggravate 

🔹Use assuage in a sentence 

Example- Rohit's friends assuaged his apprehension of injustice at the hands of the Principal. 

6) Alleviate (v)

 Meaning-   relieve,   assuage

कम करना 

 Alleviate synonyms -   reduce, ease 

 Alleviate  antonyms -  aggravate 

🔹Use alleviate in a sentence 

Example- Some people believe that saints are born to alleviate the pain and misery of mankind. 

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7) Acrimonious (adj)

Meaning-   stinging,  caustic

Acrimonious  synonyms -   bitter,  sarcastic 

 Acrimonious  antonyms -  smooth, pleasant 

🔹Use acrimonious in a sentence 

Example- There were acrimonious arguments between the two brothers Causing loss of prestige to the family. 

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8) Atone (v)

Meaning-   make amends
पछताना, क्षतिपूर्ति करना 

 Atone  synonyms -  absolve, recompense,  redeem 

 Atone  antonyms -  disagree,  spoil

🔹Use Atone in a sentence 

Example - You must atone for the injustice you have done to innocent people. 

9) Abjure (v)

Meaning-   give up
छोड़ देना, अस्वीकार करना 

Abjure  synonyms -  renounce,  relinquish, abandon 

Abjure antonyms -  assert, vindicate,  demand 

🔹Use Abjure in a sentence 

Example-  You must abjure the pursuit of sinful acts. 

10) Adjure (v)

Meaning-  to request, to issue a formal command

अनुरोध करना,  शपथ दिलाकर कोई बात पूछना 

 Adjure  synonyms -  beseech,  charge,  entreat 

 Adjure  antonyms -  answer 

🔹Use Adjure in a sentence 

Example-  She adjured her officers  to  grant her leave for a day or so. 

11) Appraise (v)

Meaning-   estimate value of

मूल्यांकन करना 

 Appraise  synonyms -  evaluate,  judge,  consider 

 Appraise  antonyms -  ignore,  neglect 

🔹Use Appraise in a sentence 

Example-  It is always difficult to  appraise the efforts in true spirit if the results are not favorable. 

12) Adage (n)

Meaning-   wise saying, proverb


 Adage  synonyms -  saying,  maxim, proverb

 Adage  antonyms -  discourse,  yarn, harangue 

🔹Use Adage in a sentence 

Example- we have often heard the adage 'Pride hath a fall'.

13) Affluence (n)

Meaning-   abundance, wealth

अमीर, समृद्धि 

Affluence synonyms -  prosperity,  luxury,  plenty 

 Affluence antonyms -  poverty

🔹Use Affluence in a sentence 

Example-  Affluence in his life made him forget the value of character. 

14) Absolve (v)

Meaning-   pardon, exonerate
बरी करना,  दोषमुक्त करना

 Absolve   synonyms -  exonerate,  discharge , acquit

  Absolve antonyms -  blame,  condemn,  punish 

🔹Use Absolve in a sentence 

Example-  At last Rahul was absolved from the charge of misconduct to his officers. 

15) Abscond (v)

Meaning-  hide, run secretly

फरार होना

 Abscond synonyms -  run away, escape, decamp 

 Abscond antonyms -  arrive, appear, continue 

🔹Use Abscond in a sentence 

Example-  Since Deepak committed murder he has been absconding. 

16) Affray (n)

Meaning-   public brawl


 Affray  synonyms -  fight,  battle,  confrontation 

Affray antonyms -  calm, peace,  surrender 

🔹Use Affray in a sentence 

Example- The timely action of the police averted serious mishap of the affray between the two communities. 

17) Annihilate (v)

Meaning-   destroy

सत्यानाश करना,  मिटा देना

Annihilate  synonyms -  wipe out,  eliminate, eradicate 

 Annihilate  antonyms -  create,  build , establish 

🔹Use Annihilate in a sentence 

Example- The use of nuclear weapons is likely to annihilate humanity. 

18) Affable (adj)

Meaning-   amiable, pleasing

मिलनसार,  सुशील 

 Affable  synonyms -  friendly,  genial,  charming 

 Affable  antonyms -  unfriendly,  prickly 

🔹Use Affable in a sentence 

Example-  Mr. Shyam's affable manners always win him admiration in the society. 

19) Amalgamate (v)

Meaning-   combine,  unite in one body

एक होना,  मिल जाना 

 Amalgamate  synonyms -  merge, consolidate,  mix

 Amalgamate  antonyms -  separate,  disconnect,  divide 

🔹Use Amalgamate in a sentence 

Example-  The  two firms were amalgamated under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

20) Appease (v)

Meaning-   pacify, soothe

शांत करना 

Appease synonyms -  calm, assuage,  mitigate 

 Appease  antonyms -  aggravate,  agitate,  incite 

🔹Use Appease in a sentence 

Example-  Every political party tries to appease the minorities to create its own vote bank. 

21) Apprise (v)

Meaning-   inform

सूचित करना 

 Apprise  synonyms -  advise,  notify,  enlighten 

Apprise antonyms -  conceal,  secret,  hide

🔹Use Apprise in a sentence 

Example-  The Minister was apprised of the dangerous situation. 

22) Arduous (adj)

Meaning-   hard,  strenuous

कठिन,  दुष्कर 

 Arduous  synonyms -  burdensome,  exhausting,  laborious 

Arduous  antonyms -  easy, effortless,  trivial 

🔹Use Arduous in a sentence 

Example-  A journey to Vaishno Devi is  very arduous. 

23) Apprehend (v)

Meaning-   arrest, fear

गिरफ्तार करना 

Apprehend  synonyms -  seize, capture,  grab

 Apprehend  antonyms -  free, release, liberate 

🔹Use Apprehend in a sentence 

Example-  Everybody apprehends trouble in the city on account of the abduction of an industrialist. 

24) Ameliorate (v)

Meaning-   improve


 Ameliorate  synonyms -  alleviate, mitigate,  amend 

Ameliorate antonyms -  aggravate,  harm, hurt

🔹Use Ameliorate in a sentence 

Example-  Unless we ameliorate the condition of the working class, we cannot expect the prosperity of the country. 

25) Adulation (n)

Meaning-   praise,  flattery

चापलूसी,  खुशामद 

Adulation  synonyms -  applause,  commendation,  blandishment

 Adulation antonyms -  abuse,  criticism 

🔹Use Adulation in a sentence 

Example-  False adulation of the leaders by their followers is a common practice these days. 

26) Animosity (n)

Meaning-   active enmity

दुश्मनी की भावना,  बैर

 Animosity  synonyms -  antipathy,  bad blood,  bitterness 

 Animosity  antonyms -  goodwill ,  kindness,  friendliness 

🔹Use Animosity in a sentence 

Example-  Animosity between the two leaders has embittered the relations between the two communities. 

27) Audacity (n)

Meaning-   boldness


 Audacity  synonyms -  bravery,  courage,  guts 

Audacity  antonyms -  cowardice,  timidity,  

🔹Use Audacity in a sentence 

Example-  Ramesh is feared of his audacity and unyielding attitude. 

28) Amnesty (n)

Meaning-   general pardon

क्षमा दान,  राज क्षमा 

Amnesty  synonyms -  forgiveness,  absolution,  reprieve 

 Amnesty antonyms -  penalty ,  punishment,  retaliation 

🔹Use Amnesty in a sentence 

Example-  On the birth day of the Prince, the  King granted amnesty to the prisoners. 

29) Ancillary (adj)

Meaning-   accessory


Ancillary synonyms -  additional,  accompanying,  promotive

Ancillary antonyms -  redundant,  irrelevant,  inappropriate 

🔹Use Ancillary in a sentence 

Example-  Sudhir is serving in the ancillary unit of a multinational company. 

30) Acumen (n)

Meaning-   mental keenness

कुशाग्र बुद्धि 

 Acumen  synonyms -  sharpness ,  awareness,  cleverness 

   Acumen antonyms -  stupidity,  insensitivity 

🔹Use Acumen in a sentence 

Example-  The  Jews are known for their business acumen. 

31) Beguile (v)

Meaning-   delude,  cheat

बेवकूफ बनाना,  जी बहलाना 

 Beguile  synonyms -  mislead,  deceive ,  seduce 

Beguile antonyms -  be honest ,  repel, unappealing 

🔹Use beguile in a sentence 

Example-  Don't be beguiled by the pleasant manners of hypocrites. 

32) Behove (v)

Meaning-   suited  to befit,  become

उपयुक्त होना 

Behove synonyms -  suit ,  be required of, be expected of

Behove  antonyms -  oppose, refuse, disagree 

🔹Use behove in a sentence 

Example-  It does not behove our political leaders to berate one another for failure in the field of economy. 

33) Banal (adj)

Meaning-   commonplace,  trite


Banal synonyms -  hackneyed, platitudinous, ordinary 

 Banal  antonyms -  original, sharp , uncommon 

🔹Use banal in a sentence 

Example-  The stories of Ruskin Bond are not banal because he writes about uncommon subjects. 

34) Brazen (adj)

Meaning-   insolent,  impudent,  impertinent

निर्लज, बेशर्म

Brazen  synonyms -  unabashed,  flip, barefaced 

 Brazen  antonyms -  shy, timid ,  shamed

🔹Use brazen in a sentence 

Example-  Her brazen behaviour at the party offended her poor relations. 

35) Blatant (adj)

Blatant Meaning-   openly,  shameless

 Blatant  synonyms -  unconcealed, transparent,   flagrant 

 Blatant antonyms -  inconspicuous,  subtle 

🔹Use blatant in a sentence 

Example-  His behaviour was condemned as blatant when he blamed his father for his own misdeeds. 

36) Banter (n)

Meaning-   to ridicule, to tease 

उपहास,  हँसी  मज़ाक

Bantering   synonyms -  taunt,  jeer, joke 

Bantering  antonyms -  be serious,  flatter, praise 

🔹Use bantering in a sentence 

Example-  Even his bantering was considered offensive. 

37) Broach (v)

eaning-   open up discussion
चर्चा करना बात उठाना 

 Broach  synonyms -  bring up, introduce ,  raise subject 

 Broach  antonyms -  take back, deny,  close up

🔹Use broach in a sentence 

Example-  The  parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Shikha.

38) Bereft (adj)

Meaning-   deprived of,  lacking

प्यार में दुखी

 Bereft  synonyms -  beggared, deprived ,  destitute 

 Bereft  antonyms -  full, happy,  

🔹Use bereft in a sentence 

Example-  Bereft of wealth and honour, he died miserable death. 

39) Benefactor (n)

Meaning-   gift giver, patron

शुभचिंतक,  धन आदि से सहायता करने वाले 

Benefactor synonyms -  contributor, promoter, altruist 

Benefactor antonyms -  opposer, opponent ,  antagonist 

🔹Use benefactor in a sentence 

Example-  Lord Chesterfield did not prove benefactor to Dr. Johnson in the long run. 

40) Benediction (n)

Meaning-   blessing,  boon

आशीर्वाद,  मंगलकामना

 Benediction  synonyms -  invocation ,  benison, grace 

 Benediction  antonyms - criticism, affliction, irritant

🔹Use benediction in a sentence 

Example-  The benediction of the elders should always be valued more than anything else. 

41) Bonanza (n)

Meaning-   windfall,  sudden gain
अप्रत्याशित लाभ

Bonanza synonyms -  cash cow,  gold mine, treasure trove

Bonanza  antonyms -  smatter, dearth ,  scarcity 

🔹Use bonanza in a sentence

Example-  The  legacy left by his uncle proved bonanza for him and his family. 

42) Belittle (v)

Meaning-   disparage,  underestimate

छोटा समझना 

Belittle synonyms -  deprecate, downgrade,  minimize 

 Belittle  antonyms -  praise,  magnify

🔹Use belittle in a sentence

Example-  Our adversaries always try to belittle our success. 

43) Bellicose (adj)

Meaning-   warlike,  militant,  belligerent


 Bellicose  synonyms -  aggressive,  hostile, threatening 

 Bellicose  antonyms -  peaceable 

🔹Use bellicose in a sentence

Example-  India most adopt bellicose approach with regard to her security problems. 

44) Bereavement (n)

Meaning-   death of near and dear one

शोक, ग़मी

 Bereavement  synonyms -  sorrow, distress,  misfortune 

 Bereavement  antonyms -  comfort, health ,  happiness 

🔹Use bereavement in a sentence

Example-  On account of bereavement in the family, he did not attend office for days together. 

45) Bigotry (n)

Meaning-   fanaticism

हठी, कट्टरता

Bigotry  synonyms -  bias, injustice,  racism 

Bigotry  antonyms -  fairness,  impartiality,  tolerance 

🔹Use bigotry in a sentence

Example-  Indians are always shocked at the bigotry and narrow mindedness of other races. 

46) Berate (v)

Meaning-   scold strongly

डाँटा, फटकारना

 Berate  synonyms -  chide, rebuke, reprimand 

Berate  antonyms -  complement,  flatter,  praise 

🔹Use berate in a sentence

Example-  The  father berated his son for being negligent in his study. 

47) Betroth (v)

Meaning-   engaged to marry

सगाई होना 

 Betroth synonyms -  espouse,  vow, contract 

Betroth antonyms -  Break off, divorce,  separate 

🔹Use betroth in a sentence

Example-  Sheela was betrothed to her fiance last month. 

48) Brochure (n)

Meaning-   pamphlet with information

विवरण पुस्तिका

 Brochure  Synonyms -  advertisement,  booklet,  handbill

🔹Use brochure in a sentence

Example-  The brochure supplied by the Institute provides all the information that you need.

49) Bestow (v)

Meaning-   confer, give
प्रदान करना 

  Bestow synonyms -  donate,  grant,  entrust 

 Bestow antonyms -  refuse, deny, deprive 

🔹Use bestow in a sentence

Example-  Nature has bestowed many gifts on man.

50)  Besmirch (v)

Meaning-   defile
कीचड़ उछालना 

 Besmirch  synonyms -  dishonor,  smear, smudge 

Besmirch  antonyms -  honor, upgrade,  praise 

🔹Use besmirch in a sentence

Example-  The  opposition always tries to besmirch the reputation of the ruling party. 

51)  Berserk (adj)

Meaning-  frenzied,  amuck, amok
बहुत उत्तेजित या क्रोधित,  पागल 

 Berserk synonyms -  crazy, insane,  violent 

 Berserk antonyms -  calmly,  mildly,  placidly 

🔹Use berserk in a sentence

Example-  The  police went berserk and began to lathicharge the  crowd demonstrating  peacefully. 

52)  Breach (n)

Meaning-   breaking of contract/duty, peace, rift

दरार,  भंग

Breach  synonyms -  Break , chip, discontinuity 

 Breach  antonyms -  agreement,  closing,  juncture 

🔹Use breach in a sentence

Example-  Anti-social  elements were rounded up  for  fear of  breach of  peace. 

53)  Bizarre (adj)

Meaning-  grotesque,  awkward


 Bizarre  synonyms -  odd, freakish,  ridiculous 

Bizarre antonyms -  familiar,  sensible , serious 

🔹Use bizarre in a sentence

Example-  The  gentry present in  the club were not expected to behave in  a bizarre manner. 

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Most Important  vocabulary /vocabs for SSC CGL 2019

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