SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT asked in SSC Exams 2018-2019 part 1

ūüĒėWe all know the importance of solving previous years papers when it comes to SSC exams. To simplify the process, the ‘EnglishKendra team’ has compiled previous years questions topic wise.It will not only save your time but also enable you to do a comparative study.This compilation contains all¬† SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT /PHRASE REPLACEMENT¬† QUESTIONS asked in SSC CHSL, CPO, CGL exams (2018-19).
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PART-1 of Compilation of  SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT /PHRASE REPLACEMENT  asked in SSC Exams 2018-2019 (Based on TCS pattern)

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CGL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19
Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No improvement.



1) ‚ÄúThese glasses¬†suit you to a T,‚Ä̬†said Ria to Vandana.
1.look very good on your face
2.are not suitable for your work
3.make you look weird
4.need to be worn with a suit

Solution : 1

To a T or tee – perfectly or exactly right

2) An old misunderstanding exist among the two families, so they are not friendly any more.
1.has exist within the two families
2.No improvement
3.exist between the two families
4.will exist among the two families

Solution : 3

Two families are there ,so ‘between’ will be used.
(This is one of the frequently asked grammar rules in SSC exams)

3) Scarcely had he gone out than a client came to meet him.
1.he had gone out than
2.No improvement
3.he had go out when
4.had he gone out when
Solution : 4
Scarcely/hardly is followed be when while no sooner is followed by ‘than’
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4) The invigilator did not known that the two boys were exchanging notes under his nose.
1.written in small letters 
2.rolled into small pellets
3.wrapped in handkerchiefs
4.right in front of him
Solution : 4
Under someone’s nose – right in front of someone¬†
5) Let us have all the regulations in black and white.

1.painted in colour
2.printed in coloured ink
3.written on the black-board writing
Solution : 4
In black and white- in writing, explicitly, clearly or without doubt 

6) The female ostrich guards the nest at night and the male guard in the day.

1.guard it during the day.
2.guarding it during day.
3.guards it during the day.
4.No improvement

Solution : 3

7) How long you are living, in this city?

1.are you live
2.are you been living
3.No improvement
4.have you lived
8) Applications are to be sent the Principle before 30th May.

1.will be send to
2.are sending to
3.No improvement
4.were being send to
9) Meera has a friend who parent live in Dubai.

1.has a friend which parents live
2.have a friend whom parents live
3.has a friend whose parents live
4.No improvement

Solution : 3

10) I am think that tomorrow I will take leave and stay at home.

1.I have thought that tomorrow I am taking
2.No improvement
3.I think that tomorrow I will take
4.I was thinking that the next day I will be talking

Solution : 3

11) When we went to the cinema yesterday, the film had already start.

1.the film was already start.
2.the film had already started.
3.No important
4.the film have already start.
Solution : 2

12) I am very much pleased to see you here today.

1.No improvement
2.very pleasing
3.too much pleased
4.very pleased
Solution : 1

13) The flowers smell so sweetly that I want to pluck them.

1.No improvement
2.will smell so sweet
3.smell so sweet
4.smelling so sweetly

Solution : 3

14) Ishwarchand Vidyasagar use the ancient text to suggestion that widows could remarry.

1.used the ancient texts to suggest
2.use the ancient texts for suggestion
3.used the ancient texts suggests improvement

Solution: 1

15) Many people join politics to feather their own nest.

1.make others’ life comfortable
2.promote their own interest
3.utilize black money
4.serve their country
Solution : 2

16) I have not saw him since I last leave the town.

1.No improvement
2.seen him for I last left
3.see him since I last left
4.seen him since I last left

Solution : 4

17) He made a desperate but also partial successful effort to change the ghastly topic.

1.yet also partial successful effort
2.but partially successful effort
3.No improvement
4.though part successful effort
Solution : 2

18) She was so tired to work any longer.

1.too tired to work tiring to work
3.No improvement tired to not work

Solution : 1

19) Some agitating miners allegation that there is no emergency measures inside the mines.

1.miners alleged that there were
2.No improvement
3.miner’s allegation that there are
4.miners’ allege that there is

Solution : 1

20) The big farmers with deepest tubewells till have water, but many others face a water crisis. deep tubewells
2.through deepest tubewells
3.No improvement
4.with deeper tubewells
Solution : 4

21) Knowing the particular things that motivate each person help you add power to their motivation.

1.No improvement to add power
3.helps you add power you adding power

Solution : 3

22) Your coming home to dinner on time should be a rule rather the exception.

1.shall be a rule rather than a exception
2.No improvement
3.should be a rule rather being the exception
4.should be the rule rather than the exception

Solution : 4

23) It is convey to all the residents by now that they are required to apply for parking stickers.

1.No improvement
2.It is conveyed to all the residents
3.It will be conveyed to all the residents
4.It has been conveyed to all the residents
Solution : 4

24)The world’s agricultural land are in pressure to raising more and more crops. is under pressure so raising is at pressure to raise is under pressure to raise
4.No improvement

Solution : 3

25)A reason why there are so much misconception on dyslexia could be the sheer invisibility of the disorder.

1.there are so much misconceptions against dyslexia
2.there are so many misconceptions about dyslexia
3.there are so many misconception around dyslexia
4.No improvement
Solution : 2

26) Biologists believe that increased human activity means an accelerated rate of change in habitat for all creatures of the world.

1.No improvement
2.human activity meant a accelerated rate in change
3.human activities mean an accelerated rate from change
4.human activity is meaning an accelerated rate of change

Solution : 1

27) The India consensus study highlight a benefits by adding domestic violence prevention approaches to current government policy.

1.highlight the benefits from added
2.highlight a benefit in addition
3.No improvement
4.highlights the benefits of adding
Solution : 4

28) It is unfortunate that most people in the country are still living from hand to mouth.

1.consuming daily what little is earned
2.saving for the future generations
3.doing manual labour
4.earning wealth by selfish means
Solution : 1

29) Though many European traders visit Puducherry in the sixteenth century onwards, what remains today is a relic of its French past.

1.No improvement
2.traders visited Puducherry in a sixteenth century onward
3.traders visited Puducherry from the sixteenth century onwards
4.trader visit Puducherry from the sixteenth century onwards
Solution : 3

30) We must endeavor to increase women’s access for education also employment.

1.access in education also employment
2.excess to education or employment
3.No improvement
4.access to education and employment
Solution : 4

31) Let us not neglect important aspects of life although pursue momentary pleasures. pursued moment pleasure.
2.through pursued in momentary pleasures.
3.while pursuing momentary pleasures.
4.No improvement
Solution : 3

32) He kicked up a row he was denied entry to the amusement park.

1.cried with sorrow
2.waited in a queue
3.kicked the guard
4.created a fuss

Solution : 4

33) We can’t live without water, will we?

1.won’t we
2.can we we
4.No improvement
Solution : 2

34) His school was 7 km away from his house. I wondered how he covered so long distance daily on foot. long the distance
2.No improvement
3.such long distance
4.such a long distance
Solution : 4

35) He came late, wasn’t it?

1.didn’t he
2.did he
3.No improvement
4.isn’t it
Solution : 1

36) Each dancer performed very well that is was difficult to judge who the best was.

1.such well that well that
3.No improvement
4.such very well that
Solution : 2

37) We had never seen so strong blizzard. The wind speed was 130 km per hour. strong the blizzard
2.such strong a blizzard
3.such a strong blizzard improvement
Solution : 3

38) They didn’t see you, is it?

1.No improvement
2.did they
3.wasn’t it
4.have they
Solution : 2

39) You won’t tell the secret, won’t you?

1.No improvement
2.would you
3.will you
4.isn’t it
Solution :3

40) The head has been so busy to go through these files and resolve the matter.

1.such busy to go through
2.too busy to go through
3.No improvement
4.too so busy to go through
Solution :2

41) I try to solve this problem at least for two hours. try to solve
2.have been trying to solve
3.tried to b  solving
4.No improvement
Solution :2

42) If you listen to the English news, it improve your English. is improving will improve improved
4.No improvement
Solution :2

43) She read that novel since she got up in the morning.

1.No improvement
2.has been reading that novel
3.reads that novel
4.has read that novel
Solution :2

44) If I have money, I purchase this house.

1.I purchased
2.No improvement
3.I have purchased
4.I will purchase
Solution :4

45) If you join this job now, it proves to be good in the long run. has proved to be good will prove to be good prove good
4.No improvement
Solution :2
46) The worders of this textile factory demand higher wages for a long time.

1.have been demanding higher wages
2.demanded higher wages
3.No improvement
4.has demanded higher wages
Solution :1

47) If you park your car here, the traffic police has fined you.

1.will fine you
2.No improvement
3.fine you
4.fined you

Solution :1

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