Error detection,error spotting asked in SSC CGL CHSL 2018-2019

Error detection,error spotting asked in SSC Exams 2018-2019 part 3; spotting error for SSC CGL CHSL(with solution)


🔘We all know the importance of solving previous years papers when it comes to SSC exams. To simplify the process, the ‘EK team’ has compiled previous years questions topic wise.It will not only save your time but also enable you to do a comparative study.This compilation contains ERROR DETECTION QUESTIONS asked in SSC CHSL, CPO, CGL exams (2018-19).
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🔷PART-3 of Compilation of  ERROR DETECTION QUESTIONS asked in SSC Exams 2018-2019 (Based on TCS pattern)



CHSL (10+2) Exam 2018-19
In the sentence identify the segment which contains grammatical error.
1) The blue lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers which grows in her garden.

1. is one of the most beautiful flowers
2. in her garden
3. The blue lotus
4. which grows
Solution : 4
‘Which is grown'(passive form will be used as flowers don’t grow on their own, they are grown(by people)) 

2) On Saturday Rahul visited his professor to whom he had an appointment.

1. to whom he had
2. Rahul visited his professor
3. an appointment
4. on Saturday
3) The soldiers had no choice when to obey the commander

1. when to obey
2. had no choice
3. The soldiers
4. the commander

Solution : 1
Use ‘but to obey’ in place of ‘when to obey’. 
4) The number of visitors at the fair were much larger than expected.

1. The number of
2. than expected
3. visitors at the fair
4. were much larger

Solution : 4
Usewas’ in place of ‘were’. 
“The number of ” takes singular verb while ‘a number of’ takes plural verb. 
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5) The ambulance have arrived on time, the accident victim was taken to hospital.
1. the accident victim
2. have arrived on time
3. The ambulance
4. was taken to hospital

Solution : 2(has) 

6) The Principal requested to the Chief Guest to inaugurate the sports meet.

1. The Principal requested
2. the sports meet
3. to the Chief Guest
4. to inaugurate
Solution : 3
Omit ‘to’

7) Despite of his efforts he couldn’t get a decent job

1. Despite of
2. his efforts
3. he couldn’t get
4. a decent job
Solution :  1
Remove ‘of’ 
Despite = in spite of

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💯Click here for the compilation of ALL FILLERS asked in SSC Exams 2018-2019 8) No sooner did the comedian begin his act when the audience roared with laughter

1. the comedian begin
2. No sooner did
3. when the audience
4. roared with laughter


Solution : 3
Use ‘than’ in place of ‘when’. No sooner is followed by ‘than’, while ‘hardly ‘ is followed by ‘when’. 

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9) The members of the victorious football team as well as the captain was congratulated.

1. victorious football team
2. The member of the
3. was congratulated
4. as well as the captain

10) It was a windy autumn day and leaves were fallen rapidly from the trees.

1. It was a
2. leaves were fallen
3. windy autumn day
4. rapidly from the trees

Solution : 2
Use falling in place of fallen. 
11) Each of the pictures have been signed by the football stars

1. have been
2. each of
3. the pictures
4. signed by

Solution : 1
Has been

12) Pleasure cannot derive from giving pain to innocent people

1. Pleasure cannot derive
2. pain to
3. innocent people
4. from giving
13) Lack of formal education did not prevent Lincoln to become a great leader.

1. did not prevent
2. a great leader
3. to become
4. Lack of
Solution : 4
‘From becoming’ in place of ‘to become’ 
Preposition ‘from’ is used with prevent.
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14) The picture of the king’s is exactly like the king himself.

1. the king himself
2. The picture
3. is exactly like
4. of the king’s
Solution : 4
Use king in place of king’s

15) He asked from me if I was interested in a career in modelling.

1. from me if
2. I was interested
3. He asked
4. in a career

Solution : 1
Omit ‘from’ 

16) Great many students who are good at other subjects perform poorly in English

1. perform poorly
2. in English
3. who are good at
4. Great many students

Solution : 4
Add ‘a’ before great many
A great many = a large number of 

17) Climate change are a greatest threat facing our planet which needs our immediate action.

1. our immediate action
2. are a greatest
3. which needs
4. facing our planet
Solution : 2
Use ‘is’ in place of are. 
18) As you know that I always like to have ice cream after my dinner.

1. As you know that
2. to have ice cream
3. after my dinner
4. I always like
Solution : 1
Omit ‘that’ 

19) When we went to Ramgarh we see the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

1. in the distance
2. to Ramgarh we see
3. the snow-capped mountains
4. When we went
20) The childrens are fond of climbing the mango tree in the garden.

1. climbing the mango tree
2. The childrens
3. are fond of
4. in the garden

Solution :  2
Children is plural.There is no need to add ‘s’ with it. 

21) The two states frequently has differences over the use of the river water specially during the summer month.

1. over the use of the river water
2. The two states frequently
3. has differences
4. especially during the summer months
Solution :  3

22) In spite Smita had taken part in many television serials earlier, this was the first time she was going to host a live show.

1. in many television serials earlier
2. she was going to host
3. this was the first time
4. In spite Smita had taken part
Solution :  4
Add ‘of’ after in spite

23) The lady listened carefully to my complaint but I doubt she will do anything about it.

1. but I doubt 
2. She will do anything about it
3. to my complaint
4. The lady listened carefully

Solution :  2

24) Deepak said he would pack few things he had and vacate the hostel room the next day

1. the next day
2. Deepak said he would
3. pack few things he had
4. and vacate the hostel room
Solution :  3
Add ‘the’ before few. 
Few – negligible quantity
A few – less but considerable quantity
25) Very little metals are as precious as gold

1. as precious
2. metals are
3. as gold
4. Very little


Solution : 4
‘Very few ‘ in place of ‘very little’ 
26) She was unable to produce sufficient evidences for support her accusations.
1. to produce
2. She was unable
3. sufficient evidences for
4. support her accusations

Solution : 3
‘Evidence ‘ in place of evidences.
There is no need to add ‘s’ with evidence to make it plural. 
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27) The team began searching for reasons for their poor performance in tournament
1. The team began
2. in the tournament
3. searching for reasons
4. for their poor performance
Solution : 4
Its in place of their


28) The little boy was so busy playing with his toy train that he do not even look up at us.
1. busy playing with
2. he do not even
3. his toy train
4. look up at us

Solution : 2

29) We will use enamel paint on this wall because it gives a best finish.
1. enamel paint on this wall
2. we will use
3. a best finish
4. because it gives
Solution : 3
Use either ‘a better’ or ‘the best’ in place of ‘a best’. 


30) Our nation can make significant growth but if we all work collectively.
1. but if we all
2. make significant growth
3. our nation can
4. work collectively

Solution : 1

 Remove but. It’s superfluous 


31) I will stop to refreshments at the next restaurant on the highway.
1. on the highway
2. I will stop
3. at the next restaurant
4. to refreshments

Solution : 4
CPO Exam 2018-19
In the sentence identify the segment which contains grammatical error.
32) The author’s new novel, which is about social change, will launched soon.

1 the author’s new novel
2 will launched soon
3 which is
4 about social change

Solution : 2
‘Will be launched’ in place of will launched

33) News of the calamity is reached the family members the next day.

1 the family members
2 news of the calamity
3 is reached
4 the next day
Solution : 3
Remove ‘is’ 


34) Economics is one of the subject which I have found very difficult since school.

1 economics is
2 which I have found
3 very difficult since school
4 one of the subject

Solution : 4
‘Subjects’ in place of subject


35) If I join a software company I am getting a good deal of experience.

1 if I join
2 a software company
3 I am getting
4 a good deal of experience

Solution : 3
36) Nikhil is more braver than Sushant who is afraid of the dark.

1 more braver than
2 nikhil is
3 who is afraid
4 of the dark

Solution :  1
Use either braver or more brave. 
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37) The chart papers were distributed among all the childrens.

1 the chart papers
2 among all
3 were distributed
4 the childrens

Solution :  4

38) Neither Amit nor Raju are staying with his parents in  Mumbai.

1 are staying
2 in Mumbai
3 with his parents
4 Neither Amit nor Raju

Solution : 1 

39) No matter he tries hard he cannot play the guitar.

1 no matter
2 he tries hard
3 her cannot
4 play the guitar

Solution :  2
‘No matter how hard he tries ‘ in place of ‘no matter he tries hard’ 

40) We reserved tickets for a journey on the train for the next morning for  my sisters and me.

1 for a journey on train
2 for my sisters and me
3 for the next morning
4 we reserved tickets
Solution :  1

41) The principal was extremely angry on the boys who threw pieces of chalk at the teacher.

1 at the teacher
2 extremely angry on the boys
3 who threw the pieces of chalk
4 the principal was

Solution : 2
Use ‘With’ in place of ‘on’

42) The list of candidates to be called for the interview were put up on the board.

1 for the interview
2 the list of candidates
3 were put up on the board
4 to be called

Solution : 3
Was put up

43) The actor smiled to me when I entered the room as if she knew me.

1 the actor smiled to me
2 knew me
3 as if she
4 when I entered the room
Solution : 1
Smiled at
44) Sunita is senior to me in this office and know all the rules.

1 sunita is senior to me
2 all this rules
3 and know
4 in this office

Solution : 3
45) My father did never have an opportunity to go to a university.

1 an opportunity
2 A university
3 to go to
4 did never have

Solution : 4
Use ‘never had’ in place of ‘did never have’. 
46) The box of paper clips are kept in the drawer

1 are kept
2 the box
3 of paper clips
4 in the drawer


Solution :  1
Is kept


47) Rahul was ready for accept any job,even a part-time one.

1 rahul was ready
2 even a part -time one
3 any job
4 for accept
Solution :   4
To accept

48) Prema is the girl in my class who write beautiful poems.

1 prema is the girl
2 who write 
3 beautiful poems
4 in my class

Solution :  2
Who writes

49) The Natural History of Selborne, records the importance of the earthworm to soil and describe an England unspoiled by the Industrial Revolution.

1.describe an England 
2.of the earthworm to soil
3.records the importance
4.unspoiled by the Industrial Revolution

Solution :  1
50) Though paper has been the dominant medium for print, the British parliament had managed valiantly to hold back the paper tide for over half a millennium.

1.the dominant medium for print
2.though paper has been hold back the paper tide
4.parliament had managed 
Solution :  1

51) It seems that authors’ creativity is not restrict to their work and happily overflows into their names too.

1.happily overflows
2.authors’ creativity
3.into their names too
4.restrict to their work 
Solution :  4
52) To be interested in the changing seasons is a happy state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.

1.a happy state of mind 
2.Hopelessly in love with spring be interested the changing seasons

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