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Most Important Phrasal Verbs pdf for SSC,Bank exams

Most Important Phrasal Verbs pdf for SSC,Bank exams; Phrasal verbs pdf for SSC,bank exams

🔹NOTE – Links of the study notes(with examples, questions and solution) of each topic have been provided at the bottom of the page. 

🔘As we know how important role “Phrasal verbs”  play when it comes to SSC, Bank exams. But memorizing and retaining them in our mind is still a challenge.To fix this,EK has come up with an idea of providing relatable and awesome examples that will stick to your mind as soon as you read it. You don’t have to put efforts to memorize it or search here and there for the compilation of important phrasal verbs. EK team”  is dedicated to provide you “the best study material of English” for SSC, BANK, RAILWAY exams, prepared by the experts. Do check out other posts as well.  

💠Compilation of most important phrasal verbs for SSC-BANK exams
1) Account for- To explain the reason for
Example- “Asking government to account for its work is a trend now”, PM Narendra Modi
2) Answer for – To be responsible for
 Example-  “Julian Assange needs to answer for what he has done”,Hillary Clinton.

3) Ask after – To make inquiries about the health of someone
 Example – Is Deepika Padukone Pregnant?” fans ask   after she flaunts her IIFA 2019 look.

4) Ask for To demand
 Example- Gold medalist don’t ask for Gold in marriage”, Anandiben Patel
5) Back out- To withdraw from something before completion/to fail to keep promise
Example –  Major payment companies back out of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency.

6) Back up- To support
 Example –    “50% of women in relationships  have a  back-up partner”, a study says
7) Bank upon/count on To rely on
 Example- “You can’t bank upon Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli only”, Ganguly to other players.
8) Bear down- To overthrow or crush by force
 Example-  Landslide and flood warning as 2 typhoons bear down on Japan.

9) Bear up – To withstand stress or difficulty

Example- Everyone has to bear up some difficulties.

10) Bear with- to tolerate with someone
Example –  Please bear with us. We do have a few ghosts in the machine. Trying to rectify these quickly.”Company’s  spokeperson on website crash.
11) Become of- To happen
 Example-  I wonder, what became of Parineeti Chopra’s career.

12) Branch out- To spread

Example-  Las Vegas Healing garden co-creator plan to branch out across the nation.

13) Break down- To stop working

 Example-  North Korea said that discussions with the U.S. on Pyongyang’s nuclear program have broken down.

14) Break into- To enter by force

Example- A teenager attempted to break into a German prison to win back his Ex-gf.

15) Break off- To stop suddenly/to end a relationship

 Example- Virat Kohli broke off in the middle of a match, when he heard the news of his father.


16) Break out- To start suddenly(disease, war etc)

 Example- Dengue has broken out in delhi.

17) Break up- To end/disperse

 Example-  Selena Gomez opens up about her romance and ultimate break up with Justin Bieber.

18) Break through- To discover a secret

Example- Google announced a breakthrough in Quantum computing.

19) Bring about- To cause to happen

Example- “Sourav Ganguly as BCCI President can bring about improvement ”,Wriddhiman Saha.

20) Bring along To take someone/something

 Example-  Uber is making it easier to bring pets along for the ride.

21) Bring down- To overthrow(a government)/to reduce in position

Example- Tata sky has introduced an optimization feature for its subscribers to bring down monthly subscription cost.

22) Bring forwardTo present

Example- The International Parlympic committee has told that it has powers to bring forward events if typhoons strike during Tokyo games.

23) Bring in- To produce, yield or earn

Example- “Day- Night Test cricket will certainly bring in the crowds”, Anil Kumble.

24) Bring on- To cause to happen

Example- Upcoming movie “Conjuring 3” will bring on the scares,chills and frights.

25) Bring out- To present to the public/to make some quality noticeable

Example- This Diwali let Ram’s spirit bring out best in us.

26) Bring round- To bring to one’s senses/ to make one  agree to one’s opinion

Example- The trade Union succeeded in bringing the management round to their point of view.

27) Bring under- To control

Example- Reliance is planning to bring all digital units under one roof.

28) Bring upTo raise/ to rear/ to increase

Example- Deepika Padukone wants to bring up her children exactly the way she was brought up” , Filmfare.

29) Call on To visit a person

Example- Devendra Fadnavis and Shiv Sena leaders separately calls on Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

30) Call for To demand

Example- Call for Jihad in J&K against the Indian forces”, Imran Khan

31) Call off- To cancel

Example- Bangladesh Cricketers have called off their strike after getting assurance from the country’s board.

32) Carry away- To arouse too much emotion/zeal

 Example- I was carried away by the emotional scenes of Swadesh movie.

33) Come byTo get

Example- It is difficult to come by a good job now-a-days.

34) Carry on- To continue

Example- Young leg spinner Usman Qadir has vowed to carry on the legency of his late father Abdul Qadir.
35) Carry out- To complete of fulfill/to execute

Example- “Our success will lie in how we carry out Modi’s vision” Devendra Fadnavis.

36) Chance upon- To meet/get by chance

Example- I chanced upon one of my friends when I was going to market.

37 Clear of- To free from blame

How LinkedIn steered clear of controversy?

38) Come about- To happen

 Example- How did these huge losses in your business come about?

39) Come across- To find (unexpectedly) or meet by chance

Example- Ayushmann’s Bala movie has all hair loss tips we have ever come across on the Internet.

40) Come down- To become lower or cheaperExample- “Onion prices will come down soon”, Bangladesh PM Hasina

41) Come forward To offer help

Example- Shiv Sena should come forward for alternative agreement.”,BJP

42) Close down- To stop operating

Example- The petrol pumps of Reliance closed down.

43) Come out- To come into public view happen

Example- Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that he was motivated to publicly come out as gay.

44) Come to- To gain consciousness or to recover/ to get result

Example- US and China have  come to understanding on Trade relationship.

45) Come up Mooted or raised for discussion

Example- The issue of safety came up twice during the meeting.
46) Count on- To depend on, to rely on

Example- Secret to a happy wedding- don’t count on contributions.

47) Cut in To interrupt

Example- You should not cut in with your uncolicited advice.

48) Deal in- To have business of something

Example- He deals in sugar.

49) Deal with- To handle

Example- “No 50-50 deal with Shiv Sena, I will be CM for next 5 years.”, Devendra Fadnavis.

50) Die out- To get extinct

Example- Several species died out because of climate change.

51) Dispose of To sell off/ to get rid of

Example- CBDT sets June 30 deadline to dispose of demonetisation cases.

52) Drag on- To stretch

Example- The court cases in India drag on for years.

53) Enter into To start or get involved

Example- India and Saudi Arab will enter into new pact on security.”, MEA

54) Fall back- To retreat

Example- PSUs fall back as private firms move ahead.
55) Fall off- To become less, decrease

Example- Stock prices have fallen off.

56) Figure out- To understand

Example- It took me only one net session to figure   out that Sikhar Dhawan had extraordinary talent”, Coach
57) Gain on To come close to someone or something that you are chasing

Example- I am gaining on them in my business. Soon I will leave them behind.

58) Get about/ around- Spread, move around or be socially active

Example- Good news are getting about in market.

59) Get away withTo do something wrong or illegal without getting caught or punished

Example- The thieves got away with all my belongings.

60) Get down- To direct attention toward something

Example- Please get down to your work.

61) Get on- To make progress, to be on harmonious   terms

 Example- He gets on well with all his neighbors.
62) Get rid of To dispose of/ to leave

 Example- I want to get rid of my bad habits.

63) Get through- To finish or assist in finishing

Example- If you work hard, you will get through this task in a week.

64) Give away- To distribute, to reveal, to betray

Example- The chief guest gave away the prizes.

65) Give up To leave, to stop doing something/to yield

Example- She has given up smoking.

66) Go ahead- To start or continue to do something

Example- Go ahead if you are willing to get success in your business.

67) Go along- To cooperateExample- I will go along with them on this issue.

68)  Go through- To pass through a time

Example- Let me go through this book.
69) Go up- Increase

Example- Price of food grains went up due to famine.

70 Hold back – To retain in one/s possession, to restrain oneself

 Example-  Please hold back your emotions when you are talking to strangers.

71) Hold down- To prevent, to limit

Example- The militants were held down by the Indian army.

72) Hold on To maintain one’s grip, to continue to do something despite difficulties, to wait for something wanted or requested

Example- Please hold on while we transfer your call   to the executive.

73) Jump at – To draw conclusion in a hurry

 Example- You should not jump at any conclusion without due deliberation.

74) Keep up- To maintain

Example- Keep up your confidence in every situation.

75) Knock down- To bring to the ground with a blow

Example- Three people were knocked down by a speeding car.

76) Laugh at- To make fun of

Example- We should not laugh at others.

77) Lay aside/ by- to make savings for future use

Example- Please lay some money aside for the rainy days.

78) Lay downTo give up for future use or surrender

Example- There is no alternative but to lay down your weapons.

79) Lay out- To arrange according to plans

Example- Lay out your plans before investing money.

80) Let someone down- To disappoint someone

Example- Trust me, I will not let you down.

81) Live upto To live or act in accordance with

Example- I couldn’t live up-to my parents’ expectation.

82) Look afterTake care of

 Example- She has five children to look after.

83) Look for- To try to find

Example- I am looking for my lost book.

84) Look forward to- Expect with pleasure

Example- I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

85) Look into- Investigate

Example- Please look into this matter as soon as possible.

86) Make of- To understand, to produce or construct

Example- from What do you make of this news?

87) Make over-  Convert, redo, renovate

 Example- This place needs a complete makeover.

88) Mess up-  to make an error 

Example- I messed up a question and hence scored fewer marks.

89) Move onTo concentrate one’s other matter in recovering from a setback or difficulty

Example- Control your emotions and move on in life.

90) Note downTo write something so that you don’t forget it

Example- Please note down the important points.

91) Pass away To die

Example- He passed away in sleep.

92) Pay for-  To suffer for doing some mistake

 Example- We have to pay for our sins.

93) Play on –  To take advantage of

Example- He played on her emotions.

94) Put down –  To suppress/ to criticize

Example- Never put down your friends in public.

95) Put off –  To postpone/ to repel ( as from bad manners)

Example- The meeting was put off due to heavy rains.

96) Put on –  Assume/ to clothe oneself

Example- Put on your sweater.

97) Pay off –  To be successful

Example- Hard work pays off.

98)  Run down –  Become weak/disparage/to criticize/to crush

Example- Do not run down your spouse in public.

99) Run into Transform into/amount upto/to face/to meet by chance

Example- I ran into my childhood friends in the market.

100) See through –  To realize the truth

Example- I saw through his evil intention.

101) See offTo take leave of

Example- I went to the station to see off my friends.

102) Send for To call, summon

Example- Please, send for a doctor.

103) Set upTo establish

  Example- He set up a new business. 
104) Sor out To find a solution

Example- Please sort out my problems.
105) Stand by To remain loyal/ to be ready

Example- I will stand by you through thick and thin.

106) Step down To resign from a high post

 Example- He stepped down after being alleged of corruption.
107) Step in- To intervene

Example- The boss stepped in when the fight turned ugly.

108) Step out To quit

Example- Step out of my way.

109) Taken aback- To be surprised

Example- I was taken aback by his audacity.

110) Take after –  To resemble a close, older relative

Example- He has taken after his father.

111) Take down –  To write down

Example- Please take down the important points.

112) Take over –  To take responsibility for or control of

 Example- A new secretary has taken over the key post.

113) Turn down To refuse or reject

Example- He turned down my offer.

114) Turn out (to be) To prove to be

Example- He turned out to be a crook.

115)  Wear off – To lose effect Soon 

Example-  The polish started wearing off .

116) Weigh down –
To make anxious, to burden

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