PART 7 of the complete (A-Z) IDIOMS and PHRASES(with its usage in a sentence) for SSC ,bank(SBI, IBPS, RBI) and other exams.

🔘PART 7 of the complete (A-Z) IDIOMS and PHRASES(with its usage in a sentence)  for SSC ,bank(SBI, IBPS, RBI)  and other  exams

🔸Hold water 
Meaning- sound,  tenable

Use hold water  in a sentence 

Example- His statement will not hold water as it is not based on facts. 

🔸Hang together 

Meaning-   support one another

Use Hang together  in a sentence 

Example-  The two statements delivered by the leader of the party do not hang together. 

🔸Hope against hope 

Meaning-   hope inspite of disappointment

Use Hope against hope  in a sentence 

Example-  Mr. Mehta’s case is very weak and everybody knows that finally he will lose, but he is still hoping against hope. 

🔸Have an axe to grind 

Meaning-   to  have a selfish interest

Use Have an axe to grind  in a sentence 

Example-  Sneha is very selfish but the way she is being polite with everyone gives the impression that she has an axe to grind. 

🔸Have the gift of the gab

Meaning-   art of speaking

Use Have the gift of the gab in a sentence 

Example-  Meera is not highly qualified but she has the gift of the gab.

🔸Hit below the belt 

Meaning-   to  strike unfairly

Use Hit below the belt  in a sentence 

Example-  We should always face the enemy boldly and never hit him below the belt. 

🔸Hold one’s tongue 

Meaning-   to  keep quiet

Use Hold one’s tongue  in a sentence 

Example-  We should always hold our tongue before our elders.

🔸Herculean task 

Meaning-  very difficult

Use Herculean task  in a sentence 

Example-  It is Herculean task to root out corruption in India. 

🔸Haul over the coals 

Meaning-   to take to task

Use Haul over the coals  in a sentence 

Example-  Shila was hauled over the coals by her parents for her misconduct. 

🔸Have one’s finger in everyone’s pie 
Meaning-   to  partake of something

Use Have one’s finger in everyone’s pie  in a sentence 

Example-  My best friend likes to have her finger in everyone’s pie as she is in the habit of meddling with the affairs of others. 

🔸Halcyon days 

Meaning-  peaceful days

Use Halcyon days  in a sentence 

Example-  The days we spend in our school life are the halcyon days of our life. 

🔸Hold out an olive branch 

Meaning-  offer of peace

Use Hold out an olive branch  in a sentence 

Example-  The terrorists are not prepared to hold out an olive branch to the Government of India. 

🔸Hanky panky 

Meaning-  jugglery

Use Hanky panky  in a sentence 

Example-  None of this hanky panky, tell me the truth. 

🔸Have feet of clay 

Meaning-   full of faults

Use Have feet of clay  in a sentence 

Example-  The C.B.I inquiry revealed that many ministers have feet of clay. 

🔸Heart and soul 

Meaning-  devoted

Use Heart and soul  in a sentence 

Example-  Mahesh took part in the annual function heart and soul. 

🔸Hard and fast 

Meaning-  strict

Use Hard and fast  in a sentence 

Example-  No hard and fast rule is laid down about being regular in the college. 

🔸Hang fire 

Meaning-  remain unsolved

Use Hang fire  in a sentence 

Example- Kashmir problem has been hanging fire for many years. 

🔸High and dry 

Meaning-   a difficult situation

Use High and dry  in a sentence 

Example-  Ramesh was left high and dry by his business partners. 

🔸Hit the nail on the head 

Meaning-  to do the right thing at the right time

Use Hit the nail on the head  in a sentence 

Example-  Samira hit the nail on the head by resigning her job. 

🔸Hobson’s choice 

Meaning-   no alternative

Use Hobson’s choice  in a sentence 

Example-  The employees in the private sector have Hobson’s choice because they are forced to accept what they are ordered to do. 

🔸Have too many irons in the fire 

Meaning-   doing many things at a time

Use Have too many irons in the fire  in a sentence 

Example-  Rajkumar is fickle minded and has too many irons in the fire. 

🔸Hold in abeyance

Meaning-  postpone

Use Hold in abeyance in a sentence 

Example-  For lack of funds the district administration has held the construction of road in abeyance. 

🔸High and mighty 

Meaning-  proud persons

Use High and mighty  in a sentence 

Example-  The high and mighty forget that everything in the world is transient. 

🔸Hard nosed attitude 

Meaning-   aggressive

Use Hard nosed attitude  in a sentence 

Example-  I don’t know why my teacher always has a hard nosed attitude towards me. 

🔸Hold in leash

Meaning-   to restrain

Use Hold in leash in a sentence 

Example- As a responsible leader of a party you must hold criticism of party workers in leash. 

🔸Head and shoulders 

Meaning-  superior

Use Head and shoulders  in a sentence 

Example- Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was head and shoulders above his predecessors. 

🔸Hold a brief

Meaning-  to defend someone

Use Hold a brief in a sentence 

Example- It is very improper for parents to hold a brief for their children who are in the wrong. 

🔸Hush money 

Meaning-  a bribe

Use Hush money  in a sentence 

Example- Suresh managed to escape punishment by paying hush money. 

🔸Hold at bay 

Meaning-  to  prevent enemy from coming

Use Hold at bay in a sentence 

Example-  Maharana Pratap could not hold the Mughal army at bay for long. 

🔸Helter skelter 

Meaning-  here and there

Use Helter skelter  in a sentence 

Example- When the police arrived the rioters ran helter skelter. 

🔸Have a brush with 

Meaning-   to  have encounter

Use Have a brush with  in a sentence 

Example- Our Principal had a brush with the Vice Chancellor over the appointment of a lecturer. 

🔸Hornet’s nest 

Meaning-  raise controversy

Use Hornet’s nest  in a sentence 

Example- The speaker stirred up hornet’s nest by referring to impending changes in the rules. 

🔸Hold somebody to ransom 

Meaning-  to  demand concession by making someone captive

Use Hold somebody to ransom  in a sentence 

Example- It is a pity that a handful of militants are holding the nation to ransom. 

🔸Hole and corner 

Meaning-   secret

Use Hole and corner  in a sentence 

Example- She has come to know of your hole and corner method of dealing with people. 

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