PART 9 of the complete (A-Z) IDIOMS and PHRASES(with its usage in a sentence) for SSC ,bank(SBI, IBPS, RBI) and other exams.

🔘PART 9 of the complete (A-Z) IDIOMS and PHRASES(with its usage in a sentence)  for SSC ,bank(SBI, IBPS, RBI)  and other  exams

🔸Lost in the clouds 
Meaning-  confused

Use Lost in the clouds  in a sentence 

Example- My psychology teacher is often lost in the clouds as she sometimes is unable to explain the questions clearly. 

🔸Lose ground 

Meaning-  fail to keep position

Use Lose ground  in a sentence 

Example- The belief in prophecies and horoscopes is losing ground these days. 

🔸Laugh in one’s sleeves 

Meaning-  to laugh secretly

Use Laugh in one’s sleeves  in a sentence 

Example- The students laughed in their sleeves at the teacher’s ignorance of the subject. 

🔸Leave no stone unturned 

Meaning-  to make all possible efforts

Use Leave no stone unturned  in a sentence 

Example- The minister assured the poor that he shall leave no stone unturned to uplift their condition. 

🔸Leap in the dark

Meaning-   to take a risk deliberately

Use Leap in the dark in a sentence 

Example- Sohan must not leap in the dark by entering the business without experience. 

🔸Look sharp

Meaning-   to make haste

Use Look sharp in a sentence 

Example- Look sharp, the bus is moving. 

🔸Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning-   to disclose

Use Let the cat out of the bag in a sentence 

Example- Sunaina has, at last, let the cat out of the bag by confessing that she had stolen her brother’s money. 

🔸Live in a fool’s paradise 

Meaning-   false hope

Use Live in a fool’s paradise  in a sentence 

Example- Sohan’s brother is living in a fool’s paradise if he thinks that he can be a rich man without working hard. 

🔸Loaves and fishes 

Meaning-   material benefit

Use Loaves and fishes  in a sentence 

Example-  Most of the ministers are more concerned with the loaves and fishes of office than the service of man.


Meaning-  energetic

Use Live-wire in a sentence 

Example-  India needs live wire political leaders who can put the country on the right track.

🔸Look a gift horse in the mouth 

Meaning-  criticize a gift

Use Look a gift horse in the mouth  in a sentence 

Example-  One should not look a gift horse in the mouth because it is given out of love and regards. 

🔸Lose one’s head

Meaning-  to be carried away

Use Lose one’s head in a sentence 

Example-   One should not lose one’s head even in such a victory. 

🔸Long and short 

Meaning-   in brief

Use Long and short  in a sentence 

Example-  The long and short of the Principal’s speech was that examination would be held on time. 

🔸Latin and Greek 

Meaning-   incomprehensible

Use Latin and Greek  in a sentence 

Example-  The speech of literary persons is always Latin and Greek to illiterate persons. 

🔸Last nail in the coffin

Meaning-  Causing ruin

Use Last nail in the coffin in a sentence 

Example-  Second world war proved to be a last nail in the coffin of British imperialism. 

🔸Lead up the garden path

Meaning-  to cheat

Use Lead up the garden path in a sentence 

Example-  The traders lead the credulous customers up the garden path by assuring them of warranty. 

🔸Leaps and bounds 

Meaning-  rapidly

Use Leaps and bounds  in a sentence 

Example-  In comparison to India, China has progressed by leaps and bounds in every field. 

🔸Last straw 

Meaning-  the final trial of patience

Use Last straw  in a sentence 

Example-  The Rowlet Act was the last straw on the Camel’s back and the whole India rose in protest against the British rule. 

🔸Let the grass grow under feet

Meaning-  to delay the matters

Use Let the grass grow under feet in a sentence 

Example-  We are bound to suffer if we let the grass grow under feet by postponing action. 

🔸Make both ends meet 
Meaning-   to live within one’s means

Use Make both ends meet  in a sentence

Example-  As Ramesh has to bring up five children,  he finds it difficult to make both ends meet. 

🔸Mend one’s fences 

Meaning-   to make peace

Use Mend one’s fences  in a sentence

Example-  It is high time for the two brothers to bury the hatchet and mend their fences. 

🔸Make a clean breast 

Meaning-   to confess

Use Make a clean breast  in a sentence

Example-  When asked by the Magistrate sternly,  the thief made a clean breast of the whole crime.

🔸Make amends  

Meaning-   to give compensation

Use Make amends   in a sentence

Example-  The government made amends to the family for the loss of their earning member in the war. 

🔸Make the most of 

Meaning-   to utilize time

Use Make the most of  in a sentence

Example-  Students should make the most of their time if they want to get an administrative job. 

🔸Move heaven and earth 

Meaning-    to try utmost

Use Move heaven and earth  in a sentence

Example-   Rohan moved heaven and earth to gain his end but failed. 

🔸Make neither head nor tail 

Meaning-   not to understand

Use Make neither head nor tail  in a sentence

Example-  The students can make neither head nor tail of what Mr. Verma teaches them. 

🔸Moot point 

Meaning-  a debatable point, undecided

Use Moot point  in a sentence

Example-   The question of abolition of child marriage is a  moot point as far as Indians are concerned. 

🔸Meet one’s Waterloo 

Meaning-   to face final defeat

Use Meet one’s Waterloo  in a sentence

Example-  Tipu Sultan met his Waterloo in the fourth battle of Mysore.

🔸Man of letters 

Meaning-   literary person

Use Man of letters in a sentence

Example-  Dr. Radhakrishnan was a  man of letters. 

🔸Make light of 

Meaning-   not to care

Use Make light of in a sentence

Example-  Ram is in the habit of making light of the advice of his parents. 

🔸Midas touch 

Meaning-    a touch which turns anything into gold

Use Midas touch  in a sentence

Example-  Our manager seems to be gifted with Midas touch because he is capable of selling every product. 

🔸Man of parts

Meaning-  a man of qualities

Use Man of parts in a sentence

Example-  Our Principal is a man of parts and is respected by all and one. 

🔸Mealy mouthed 

Meaning-   soft spoken

Use Mealy mouthed  in a sentence

Example-  A mealy mouthed shopkeeper is always successful. 

🔸Man of straw 

Meaning-   a weak person

Use Man of straw  in a sentence

Example-  The king being a man of straw,  his orders were often disobeyed. 

🔸Mince matters 

Meaning-   hide the truth and pretend

Use Mince matters  in a sentence

Example-  Tell the truth to your parents because it doesn’t pay to mince matters. 

🔸Mare’s nest

Meaning-  a false invention

Use Mare’s nest in a sentence

Example-  The involvement of teachers in the scheme proved to be a mare’s nest. 

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