PART 2 of the compilation of A-Z VOCABULARY(with synonyms, antonyms and its usage in a sentence) for SSC,Bank ,Railway ,CAT and other exams - PREPARE ENGLISH FOR SSC BANK AND OTHER EXAMS:ENGLISHKENDRA

Part 2 of the compilation of most important A- Z vocabulary (with synonyms,  antonyms and its usage in a sentence) for SSC, Bank and other exams

🔘As we all know how important role "vocabs"  play when it comes to SSC, IBPS, SBI exams. But memorizing and retaining them in our mind is still a challenge.To fix this, has come up with an idea of providing relatable and awesome examples that will stick to your mind as soon as you read it."EnglishKendra team"  is dedicated to provide you "the best study materials for English" for SSC, BANK, RAILWAY exams, prepared by the experts. Do check out other posts as well.
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🔘PART 2 of the compilation of A-Z VOCABULARY(with synonyms,   antonyms and its usage in a sentence)  for SSC,Bank ,Railway ,CAT and other exams. 

🔷Compilation of important vocabulary starting with 'B' (with synonym, antonym and its usage in a sentence) 

⚫ Benevolent (adj)

Meaning-   generous,  charitable

 Benevolent  synonyms -  kind-hearted,  gracious, caring 

  Benevolent antonyms -  unkind ,  tight-fisted 

🔹Use benevolent in a sentence 

Example-  Vidya is  noted for her benevolent nature. 

⚫ Biennial (adj)

Meaning-   every two years

 Biennial  synonyms -    two-year,  biyearly

 Biennial  antonyms   perennial ,  annual ,  non-periodic

Use biennial in a sentence 

Example-  The meeting of the members of the Trust is held biennially.

⚫Belated (adj)

Meaning-   delayed

 Belated  synonyms -  late ,  unpunctual,  tardy

 Belated  antonyms -  early ,  premature ,  timely 

🔹Use belated in a sentence 

Example-  Rahul was sorry for making belated payment. 

⚫ Beguile (v)

Meaning-   delude,  cheat

 Beguile  synonyms -  mislead,  deceive ,  seduce 

Beguile antonyms -  be honest ,  repel, unappealing 

🔹Use beguile in a sentence 

Example-  Don't be beguiled by the pleasant manners of hypocrites. 

⚫ Behove (v)

Meaning-   suited  to befit,  become

Behove synonyms -  suit ,  be required of, be expected of

Behove  antonyms -  oppose, refuse, disagree 

🔹Use behove in a sentence 

Example-  It does not behove our political leaders to berate one another for failure in the field of economy. 

⚫Banal (adj)

Meaning-   commonplace,  trite

Banal synonyms -  hackneyed, platitudinous, ordinary 

 Banal  antonyms -  original, sharp , uncommon 

🔹Use banal in a sentence 

Example-  The stories of Ruskin Bond are not banal because he writes about uncommon subjects. 

⚫ Brazen (adj)

Meaning-   insolent,  impudent,  impertinent

Brazen  synonyms -  unabashed,  flip, barefaced 

 Brazen  antonyms -  shy, timid ,  shamed

🔹Use brazen in a sentence 

Example-  Her brazen behaviour at the party offended her poor relations. 

⚫ Bouquet (n)

Meaning-   bunch of flowers

Bouquet  synonyms -  Garland ,  wreath ,  vase

Bouquet antonyms -  epithet,  stink,  reek

🔹Use bouquet in a sentence 

Example-  Kishan presented a bouquet to his ailing mother. 

⚫ Brooch (n)

Meaning-   ornamental clasp

Brooch  Synonyms -  breastpin, clip, badge

 Brooch  Antonyms -  unpin, unchain, unstaple

🔹Use brooch in a sentence 

Example-  Sheetal always wear a brooch on her pullover. 

⚫ Blatant (adj)

Blatant Meaning-   openly,  shameless

 Blatant  synonyms -  unconcealed, transparent,   flagrant 

 Blatant antonyms -  inconspicuous,  subtle 

🔹Use blatant in a sentence 

Example-  His behaviour was condemned as blatant when he blamed his father for his own misdeeds. 

⚫ Bantering (n)

Meaning-   to ridicule, to tease 

Bantering   synonyms -  taunt,  jeer, joke 

Bantering  antonyms -  be serious,  flatter, praise 

🔹Use bantering in a sentence 

Example-  Even his bantering was considered offensive. 

⚫ Broach (v)

eaning-   open up discussion

 Broach  synonyms -  bring up, introduce ,  raise subject 

 Broach  antonyms -  take back, deny,  close up

🔹Use broach in a sentence 

Example-  The  parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Shikha.

⚫ Bereft (adj)

Meaning-   deprived of,  lacking

 Bereft  synonyms -  beggared, deprived ,  destitute 

 Bereft  antonyms -  full, happy,  

🔹Use bereft in a sentence 

Example-  Bereft of wealth and honour, he died miserable death. 

⚫Benefactor (n)

Meaning-   gift giver, patron

Benefactor synonyms -  contributor, promoter, altruist 

Benefactor antonyms -  opposer, opponent ,  antagonist 

🔹Use benefactor in a sentence 

Example-  Lord Chesterfield did not prove benefactor to Dr. Johnson in the long run. 

⚫ Benediction (n)

Meaning-   blessing,  boon

 Benediction  synonyms -  invocation ,  benison, grace 

 Benediction  antonyms - criticism, affliction, irritant

🔹Use benediction in a sentence 

Example-  The benediction of the elders should always be valued more than anything else. 

⚫ Bleak (adj)

eaning-   dismal, gloomy

 Bleak  synonyms -   desert ,  desolate,  bare

 Bleak  antonyms -   bright,  happy, sympathetic 

🔹Use bleak in a sentence 

Example-  Khayber pass is bleak throughout the year. 

⚫ Bonanza (n)

Meaning-   windfall,  sudden gain

Bonanza synonyms -  cash cow,  gold mine, treasure trove

Bonanza  antonyms -  smatter, dearth ,  scarcity 

🔹Use bonanza in a sentence

Example-  The  legacy left by his uncle proved bonanza for him and his family. 

⚫ Belittle (v)

Meaning-   disparage,  underestimate

Belittle synonyms -  deprecate, downgrade,  minimize 

 Belittle  antonyms -  praise,  magnify

🔹Use belittle in a sentence

Example-  Our adversaries always try to belittle our success. 

⚫ Bellicose (adj)

Meaning-   warlike,  militant,  belligerent

 Bellicose  synonyms -  aggressive,  hostile, threatening 

 Bellicose  antonyms -  peaceable 

🔹Use bellicose in a sentence

Example-  India most adopt bellicose approach with regard to her security problems. 

⚫ Bereavement (n)

Meaning-   death of near and dear one

 Bereavement  synonyms -  sorrow, distress,  misfortune 

 Bereavement  antonyms -  comfort, health ,  happiness 

🔹Use bereavement in a sentence

Example-  On account of bereavement in the family, he did not attend office for days together. 

⚫ Bigotry (n)

Meaning-   fanaticism

Bigotry  synonyms -  bias, injustice,  racism 

Bigotry  antonyms -  fairness,  impartiality,  tolerance 

🔹Use bigotry in a sentence

Example-  Indians are always shocked at the bigotry and narrow mindedness of other races. 

⚫ Berate (v)

Meaning-   scold strongly

 Berate  synonyms -  chide, rebuke, reprimand 

Berate  antonyms -  complement,  flatter,  praise 

🔹Use berate in a sentence

Example-  The  father berated his son for being negligent in his study. 

⚫Beneficiary (n)

Meaning-   person  entitled to  benefits

 Beneficiary   synonyms -  recipient,  grantee, receiver 

 Beneficiary  antonyms -  giver, payer

🔹Use beneficiary in a sentence

Example-  Those living below poverty- line are the beneficiary of this scheme. 

⚫ Betroth (v)

Meaning-   engaged to marry

 Betroth synonyms -  espouse,  vow, contract 

Betroth antonyms -  Break off, divorce,  separate 

🔹Use betroth in a sentence

Example-  Sheela was betrothed to her fiance last month. 

⚫ Brochure (n)

Meaning-   pamphlet with information

 Brochure  Synonyms -  advertisement,  booklet,  handbill

🔹Use brochure in a sentence

Example-  The brochure supplied by the Institute provides all the information that you need.

⚫ Bestow (v)

Meaning-   confer, give

  Bestow synonyms -  donate,  grant,  entrust 

 Bestow antonyms -  refuse, deny, deprive 

🔹Use bestow in a sentence

Example-  Nature has bestowed many gifts on man.

⚫Bid (n)

Meaning-   effort,  order,  auction

 Bid  synonyms -  propose, tender,  submit 

 Bid  antonyms -  laziness ,  denial,  refusal 

🔹Use bid in a sentence

Example-  Ramesh was caught by making a bid in her life. 

⚫Baneful (adj)

Meaning-   ruinous,  poisonous

 Baneful synonyms -  calamitous,  deadly,  destructive 

Baneful antonyms -  advantageous,  fortunate, beneficial 

🔹Use baneful in a sentence

Example-  Drugs have baneful effect on the mind of the youth. 

⚫Bravado (n)

Meaning-   swagger,  false courage

 Bravado synonyms -  bluster,  boasting, fancy talk

 Bravado antonyms -  cowardice, fear, restraint 

🔹Use bravado in a sentence

Example-  Retired soldiers often assume the airs of bravado. 

⚫Besmirch (v)

Meaning-   defile

 Besmirch  synonyms -  dishonor,  smear, smudge 

Besmirch  antonyms -  honor, upgrade,  praise 

🔹Use besmirch in a sentence

Example-  The  opposition always tries to besmirch the reputation of the ruling party. 

⚫ Bovine  (adj)

Meaning-   of cow

 Bovine  synonyms -  cow, oxen

🔹Use bovine in a sentence

Example-  Shalu is bovine by nature while her sister is haughty. 

⚫Baffle (v)

Meaning-   perplex, frustrate

 Baffle  synonyms -  astound,  confuse,  nonplus 

 Baffle  antonyms -  clarify,  comfort,  explain 

Use baffle in a sentence


i)  A wrong signal was sent to baffle the enemy. 
ii) All his efforts were baffled by the adamant attitude of his father.

⚫ Berserk (adj)

Meaning-  frenzied,  amuck, amok

 Berserk synonyms -  crazy, insane,  violent 

 Berserk antonyms -  calmly,  mildly,  placidly 

🔹Use berserk in a sentence

Example-  The  police went berserk and began to lathicharge the  crowd demonstrating  peacefully. 

⚫ Boutique (n)

Meaning- store for fashionable clothes

Boutique  synonyms -  booth, store ,  franchise 

 Boutique  antonyms -  second-hand shop

🔹Use boutique in a sentence

Example-  My friend  runs a  boutique in  the heart of the city. 

⚫ Breach (n)

Meaning-   breaking of contract/duty, peace, rift

Breach  synonyms -  Break , chip, discontinuity 

 Breach  antonyms -  agreement,  closing,  juncture 

🔹Use breach in a sentence

Example-  Anti-social  elements were rounded up  for  fear of  breach of  peace. 

⚫Bizarre (adj)

Meaning-  grotesque,  awkward

 Bizarre  synonyms -  odd, freakish,  ridiculous 

Bizarre antonyms -  familiar,  sensible , serious 

🔹Use bizarre in a sentence

Example-  The  gentry present in  the club were not expected to behave in  a bizarre manner. 

⚫Bode (v)

Meaning-   foreshadow,  foretell, augur

 Bode  synonyms -  augur,  betoken, forebode

 Bode  antonyms -  prove ,settle,assure,warrant

🔹Use bode in a sentence

Example-  Frequent elections in the country do not bode well for democracy in India. 

⚫ Blasphemous (adj)

Meaning-   impious, irreligious

 Blasphemous  synonyms -  disrespectful,  insulting, profane 

 Blasphemous  antonyms -  respectful, pious,  religious 

🔹Use blasphemous in a sentence

Example-  Blasphemous acts always lead to Communal riots. 

compilation of A-Z VOCABULARY(with synonyms,   antonyms and its usage in a sentence)  for SSC,Bank ,Railway ,CAT and other exams, Englishkendra

PART 2 of the compilation of A-Z VOCABULARY(with synonyms, antonyms and its usage in a sentence) for SSC,Bank ,Railway ,CAT and other exams PART 2 of the compilation of A-Z VOCABULARY(with synonyms,   antonyms and its usage in a sentence)  for SSC,Bank ,Railway ,CAT and other exams Reviewed by Admin on November 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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