Idioms Quiz for SSC,Bank and other Exams

Idioms Quiz for SSC,Bank and other  Exams

🔘’Idioms’ is an important part of English section of bank and SSC exams. With a little practice you can master this topic and fetch good marks. 

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Q1. The salt of the Earth
(a) To expect something in return
(b) Very good & honest/kind
(c) To support someone
(d) Neat and clean
Solution : (b) 

The salt of the Earth – Very good & honest/kind

Q2. Feel blue 
(a) Feeling ecstatic
(b) In trouble/depressed
(c) An easy achievement
(d) None of these

Solution : (b)
Feel blue – In trouble/depressed

Q3. Flies off at a tangent 
(a) Self praising
(b) To boast
(c) Start discussing something irrelevant
(d) Well informed

Solution : (c)
Fly off at a tangent – Start discussing something irrelevant

Q4. Going places
(a) To go to the home back
(b) Talented and successful
(c) To go on a visit
(d) To be angry

Solution : (b)
Going places – Talented and successful
Q5. Get the sack
(a) Getting promotion
(b) Dismissed from
(c) To get a surprise
(d) To get a leave

Solution :(b)
Get the sack – to get dismissed from

Q6. Of no avail
(a) In favour with
(b) Useless
(c) Useful
(d) To be utterly lost

Solution :(b)
Of no avail – Useless

Q7. Bone to pick
(a) Appear suddenly
(b) To reject
(c) Cause of quarrel
(d) To accept readily

Solution :(c)
Bone to pick – Cause of quarrel

Q8. To call it a day
(a) To conclude proceedings
(b) To grieve over
(c) To surrender
(d) To be suspicious

Solution :(a)
To call it a day – To conclude proceedings

Q9. Pull someone up on something
(a) To agree on something
(b) To Criticize
(c) To bring out a change
(d) None of the above

Solution :(b)
Pull someone up on something- To Criticize

Q10. Point blank
(a) Rarely
(b) Very definite and direct
(c) At a last moment
(d) Leave quietly

Solution :(b)
Point blank – Very definite and direct

Q11. A cut above
(a) Rather superior to
(b) Tough situation
(c) To be idle
(d) To object at something

Solution :(a)
A cut above – Rather superior to

Q12. Balloon goes up
(a) To be attentive
(b) A situation turning unpleasant/serious
(c) A happy occasion
(d) Get up early

Solution :(b)
Balloon goes up – A situation turning unpleasant/serious

Q13. Part and Parcel 
(a) To take an initiative
(b) To do a task completely
(c) Important part
(d) To surprise someone

Solution :(c)
Part and Parcel  – Important part

Q14. Gate Crasher
(a) Invited friend
(b) Uninvited guest
(c) A drunk person
(d) A murderer

Solution :(b)
Gate Crasher – Uninvited guest

Q15. As daft as a brush
(a) Extremely silly
(b) Extremely kind
(c) Extremely sick
(d) Extremely old

Solution : (a)

As daft as a brush – Extremely silly

Q16. Tempt providence
a) To punish someone
b) To take reckless risks
C) To have God’s favor
d) To make publicly known


Q17. Within an ace of

Very near to
Very far from
Very cheap
Very expensive

Solution: A

Q18. Beyond the pale



Q19. The royal road

An easy way
A troublesome way
A grand idea
A luxurious life style

Solution: A 

Q20.  Whiter than white

Completely foolish
Completely blank
Completely honest

Solution: D 

Q21. On the bum

To take for granted
To live wandering life
To refer to
To raise objections

Solution: B 

Q22. For days on end

Travelling days
Memorable days
For many days
For forgettable days

Solution: C 

Q23. On the button

To come into contact with
To do unimportant things first

Solution: D 

Q24. The tip of the iceberg

The best quality of people which makes them memorable for a long time
Superficial evidence of a much larger problem
A repeating situation in which one problem causes another problem
To allow something to be done that is not usually allowed

Solution: B 

Q25. Tide over

To leave in difficult time
To perform brilliantly
Support through a difficult period
To expect more than one actually deserves

Solution: C

Idioms Quiz for SSC, BANK and other exams

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